JED Newsletter - Mar. 2015

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  Front-End Editing

Frontend module editing in Joomla 3.4

Joomla 3.4 includes better user experience (UX); now is easier edit modules directly in the frontend in the same way you do with articles.
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  The Right Way

The right way to fix your website

You will learn how to troubleshoot some of the common problems such as blank pages, broken forms, PHP errors, etc.
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  2.5 EOS

Joomla 2.5 Support Ending

Joomla 2.5 hit it's end-of-life (EOL) December 31, 2014. Starting in June the JED will begin phasing out 2.5 extensions.
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  Too Many Extensions

Don't install too many extensions!

This post shares some thoughts about having a high number of extensions and how this can mess up your site.
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New Extensions on the JED

New extensions added to the JED in February 2015

Extension Category
Webhaus Magnific Popup Responsive Lightbox Galleries
Mh Faq FAQ
Company Vacancy Tool Jobs & Recruitment
Ytube ~ Fast, Responsive YouTube Player Access & Security
AOC Social Follow Buttons Social Share
Menu With Login Menu Systems
Mautic Marketing
Advanced Admin Menu Admin Navigation
mobile gesture monetization Ads & Affiliates
Jtag Promotional Bar Text & Link Ads
JUX Timeline Tables & Lists
Pegasus Rent A Car Booking & Reservations
Pace CDN for Joomla! Performance
Offline Pay for PayCart Extensions Specific Non-sorted
Stripe for PayCart Extensions Specific Non-sorted
PayPal for PayCart Extensions Specific Non-sorted
Flat Rate Tax for PayCart Extensions Specific Non-sorted
Admin Branding by JK Admin Styling
SJ Social Media Social Display
SJ Cool Loading Articles Display
CBPrice Calculator HikaShop extensions
SJ Listing Tabs for VirtueMart VirtueMart extensions
Flat Rate Shipping for PayCart Extensions Specific Non-sorted
Google iCal Reader Events
MU Contrast Accessibility
Flipboard RSS Feed Generator Articles Sharing
J-lites Book Flip Articles styling
Jtag Time Counter Time
Power Social Booster Social Display
Aimy Sitemap Site Map
FF Facebook Like Social Share
MuSYS Musiker Members lists
POWr Comments Social Comments
Geocode Factory 5 gateway for Joomla Articles Geotagging
Geocode Factory 5 gateway for Jomsocial Events JomSocial Extensions
Geocode Factory 5 gateway for Community Builder Community Builder extensions
Geocode Factory 5 gateway for Jomsocial JomSocial Extensions
Geocode Factory 5 gateway for Mosets Tree Mosets Tree Extensions
Geocode Factory 5 gateway for K2 K2 extensions
Geocode Factory 5 gateway for Form2Content Content Construction
Geocode Factory 5 gateway for AdsManager AdsManager extensions
Geocode Factory 5 gateway for Google Places Maps & Locations
Events for SobiPro SobiPro Extensions
J2Top Site Navigation
Broken image notifier Admin Reports
TPV Redsys Payment System RSForm! Pro Extensions
Geocode Factory 5 gateway for Sobipro SobiPro Extensions
Testimonial Rotator Testimonials & Suggestions
Booking Boss Reservations Booking & Reservations
Linelab Product Slider for VirtueMart 3 VirtueMart extensions
BM Articles Scrollbar Master Articles Display
Smacharged flash multigallery Galleries
Open Graph Social SEO & Metadata
Background Ad Ads & Affiliates
Nemetek Content Slide Slideshow
Subscribe for Mailchimp Newsletter
World Tag Map Tags & Clouds
Facebook Group Feed Stream Social Display
JK Flash SWF Embedder Flash Management
JP Carousel Slideshow
Responsive Pricing Table Maker News Display
j-lites Balloon Popup Corner Banners
Reponsive Sense Slider Articles Display payment for Taxi Booking Extensions Specific Non-sorted
DJ-EasyContact Contact forms
My Slider Slideshow
text2image Site Security
SNIT Youtube Video Social Media
Acymailing for JEM Extension Specific
Cookies CK Cookie Control
RecipeCommunity Content Submission
KeenIT Responsive Portfoilo Portfolio
Cont Gmap Maps & Locations
Responsive Grid for EasyBlog News Display
Custom Counter Events
JK Responsive Countdown Events
VdoCipher Secure Video Multimedia Players
User Enhancement Manager - UE Man Site management tools
Diavgeia Authoring & Content
jqGrid Tables & Lists
vQuiz Geo Map Education & Culture
OLC Top Flights Scores & Results
OLC Club Stats Scores & Results
Excitel - Click to call Communication
FW Real Estate Light Real Estate
Pay My Bill PayU Hungary Payment Gateway
AuraChat - ISL Pronto Chat - hosted
SJ Responsive Product for VirtueMart VirtueMart extensions
JP Forms Forms
JW AM Chart Education & Culture
Weblinks Official Extensions
Super Simple Contact Form Contact forms
Scroll To CK Site Navigation
JoomVideos Multimedia Players
HyperComments Social Comments
J-lites Image Rotator Rotators
Jtag Nice Popup Messages Popups & iFrames
Cluster Varnish for Joomla Performance
Spiral Unpaid Download for Virtuemart VirtueMart extensions
CW Article Gallery Galleries
Scorpion Logout Button Site Access
j-lites Popup Popups & iFrames
EasyPay (Stripe) Payment Gateway
iAkismet Access & Security
JB:SocialLinks Social Presence
BT Product Quick View VirtueMart extensions
Horizontal News Ticker Marquee Articles Display
TKSD Fractionslider Slideshow
Responsive Zoomed Photo Gallery Galleries
vReview for Joomla articles Articles comments
Pegasus 2Checkout Payment Gateway for Virtuemart VirtueMart extensions
Reviewers List for vReview Articles comments
Reviews List for vReview Articles comments
Export users to Excel or CSV file Users Import & Export
J-lite Fancy Testimonial Testimonials & Suggestions
Sitemapper For sh404SEF sh404SEF extensions
KA Social Wall Social Display
Digi Template Switch Access & Security
Obfuscate Them Site Security
Aimy Captcha-Less Form Guard Site Security
vQuiz Slider Education & Culture
Content Disclaimer Popup Popups & iFrames
KeenIT Responsive Facebook Like Box Social Display
vQuiz Users Slider Education & Culture
Anything Responsive Popup Popups & iFrames
JB:SocialShare Social Share
vReview Ratings & Reviews
HexData Import & Export for Joomla Modules Data Import & Export
Extended filter by tags Search & Indexing
JU Directory - Lite Directory
RJ Most Popular Popular Content
Responsive Tables - Editor Data Reports
Responsive Viewporter Design


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