JED Newsletter - July 2015

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Why you should build emotional websites

If you really like a website, I almost bet you the reason is because you enjoy the experience. Besides if it's useful, much better! That being said, can you mention your favorite sites and why? If you are not sure what I’m talking about, I’ll give you a few examples so you can apply a similar pattern in your own projects.
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JED Team Summit

The JED Team held a summit over the Joomla and Beyond 2015 conference. Here's a summary of what happened...
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Overrides: the easy way to customize (almost) everything

Do you want to change the print icons for your articles? Your template doesn’t match your design expectations? Do you think tags should look like real tags? If you asked any of those questions, or even better you have similar concerns about the look of your site, this tutorial is for you.
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Unable to Install Extensions

There are several different reasons an extension might not be able to be installed. Most of the reasons usually involve the hosting environment that is set up to support your Joomla application.
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From the Joomla Community Magazine...

Happy 5th Birthday, JCM! JET Now Open for JWC15!
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New Extensions on the JED

It was suggested that we remove the monthly listing and simply include a link to the "new listings" page. If you want to see the monthly list featured in the next newsletter, use the Feedback form below to send us your thoughts.



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