JED News: Instant Search and Auto-completion are available now website

Instant Search and Auto-completion are available now on JED

  Instant Search and Auto-completion is available now  

As part of the process to develop and update the new JED, Instant search and autocompletion are available now on the site. Instant search is the gold standard for the web search. There is magic in the feeling of type and get the results immediately. It has been a feature that we always wanted for our directory, and it is available now.

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The Joomla Shop is online!

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Goals For Joomla 3.9

The Joomla Project is working on a GDPR oriented release including tools to help with the privacy of your websites.

Check which tools we intend to add to this release and join the Privacy Framework repository to help us.

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  Csv Injection   JAB18 1day  

Introducing CSV Injection

Most of the work of the VEL involves dealing with the same two vulnerabilities: sql injection and cross-site scripting. They are so common that there are standard methods for preventing them by escaping untrusted input.

Recently we received a more unusual report, from a security researcher, concerning a CSV injection vulnerability...


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We have good news: If you can't make it to attend all days of J and Beyond, book a ticket for a single day.
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