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What your audience thinks? Embed our simple, customizable and fed up with stunning effects polling software into your website to find out.

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Main Features:
✔ Votes progress feature: You can use timeline bar to see how users voted over time!
✔ More then 10 beautiful skins!
✔ Template Creator: Customizable look and feel with live preview. Create your own skin using our sexy Template Creator! See demo here -
✔ Place Polls Anywhere: You can use shortcode, to insert polls anywhere in content!
✔ Start, End Dates: You can set start and end dates for polls. It uses Countdown Timer to show estimated time until poll starting!
✔ Flexible HTML Answers: You can insert images, Youtube videos, SoundCloud music or any other HTML to answers!
✔ User Friendly: Configuration and options managing is easy, and configured to be maximum user friendly!
✔ Add Answer: Users can add their own answers. New answers can be shown immediately, or after moderation!
✔ Single/Multiple Voting: You can use both checkboxes, or radiobuttons!
✔ Limit Checked Options: Set allowed count of checked options.
✔ Custom Voting Period: Allow users to vote on certain poll once a day, or once an hour or any other set intervals
✔ Set Votes Period: You can change the default period of votes: last day, last week, last month or last year!
✔ CountDown Timer: Shows countdown timer which shows when user can vote again!
✔ Permissions Check: Set voting permissions (Registered users or public), "add answer" permissions (who can add new answers)!
✔ Manage Votes: You can reset, or add desired count of votes for any answer!
✔ Hide results, if user not voted.
✔ Very easy to install and configure
✔ A lot of stunning javascript animation effects
✔ You can change the extension name from Sexy Polling to Fancy Polling:

Check out version 2.1.1 with new features:
✔ List of votes with ability to delete votes.
✔ Hide results during poll period

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Slovenian, Farsi - [translated by Google Translate]

✉ SUPPORT: If you think you found a bug or have any problem or question concerning this extension, do not hesitate to contact us in support forum -

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT use reviews to submit bug reports, feature requests, and suggestions. For such stuff use the support forum instead.

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Sexy polling

Posted on 02 September 2016
Automatically adds a fixed width to the element. Has ludicrous multicoloured, animated checkboxes which wouldn't fit with any theme's style.
Ease of use
Takes a thousand years to edit the style by manually adjusting individual settings for font size, shadow, etc. A nightmare to use.
I used this to: Wanted a decent poll plugin but this was so awful that I abandoned it.
The "View" function does not work with Firefox vers. 44.0.2 I get multiple errors, beginning with "unreachable code after return statement"
Ease of use
Easy enough to use, just hope your users don't have FireFox browsers.
It's been a couple hours, and no response yet, so I'm unsure..
Docs are not even needed, use is straight-forward.
I used this to: Joomla! 3.4.8 Stable
Very easy to install, configure and use. Displays beautifully. Works great!
Ease of use
See above. Really easy if you understand Joomla!
Forum is very informative. Haven't had to use benefits of my Pro+ subscription. Reviews here confirm the responsiveness of the developers.
Not sure yet. Haven't needed it.
I used this to: Polling members of two websites.
this is a wonderful extension, works great!!!
Ease of use
this is a wonderful extension, works great!!!
this is a wonderful extension, works great!!!
this is a wonderful extension, works great!!!
I used this to: A portal website, this is a wonderful extension, works great!!!

Great extension

Posted on 05 April 2015
Does what it says it's going to do... and even more in customization options.
Ease of use
I'm a Joomla newbie, and it was very easy to navigate through the options. I upgraded to the paid version, and my custom settings held.
They've got a lot of "tool tips" for the settings, but there are some that aren't clear. it's easy enough to try, then check front end.

Free ?

Posted on 05 March 2015
Annoying to find what looks like a good free extension start to populate then get message u need to pay £25 or £50 to add more than 5 items.
Ease of use
Reasonably intuitive
I used this to: Political survey


Posted on 15 February 2015
Ease of use

Works Great!

Posted on 14 February 2015
Has more functions than I'll be able to use.
Ease of use
Easy to setup and post
I used this to: Club voting
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Sexy Polling

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Feb 01 2018
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
c m p

Uses Joomla! Update System


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