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DropEditor brings to you and your users a unique experience in Joomla content edition.

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Whether you are an occasional or regular content redactor, DropEditor will save you a lot of time with unique inbuilt edition features. For example, it contains a column edition tool that let you create your own layout and using the template tool you can save and reuse it! You have also a really easy to use image & file manager, summary and button edition.
The visual styles, titles and profiles edition will be perfect to give to your user a custom and easy to use edition interface.

And it's totally FREE! There's only an optional update for full version of the gallery, file and table manager (optional).


  • Droppics image manager: Multi-images upload, image thumbnail generation, image preview...
  • Generate image custom size with lightbox in two clicks
  • Dropfiles file manager: multi-file uploader and insert downloadable files in your content
  • Video manager: Manage and embed remote videos from Youtube and Vimeo
  • Video manager: Manage local video files and embed video in content with a responsive player
  • Sound manager: Manage local sound files and embed them in content with a sound player


  • Multi-column manager: create your own layout columns or use a pre-defined
  • Droptables integration: Joomla table manager
  • Button creation tool: Create button, save it and use it again
  • Automatic summary: Add a summary based on content titles
  • Anchor manager: easily anchor creation and load from the link manager
  • Link manager: Add links to Joomla articles, categories and menus, to K2 categories and items, to Flexicontent categories and items
  • One click link edition
  • Import and export editor profile
  • Import and export custom CSS styles
  • Template manager to save your layout
  • Bullet list editor: save and reload your list including list isons and style
  • Word and HTML copy/paste manager (handle style import automatically)
  • Setup a custom color panel for font colors
  • Make a selection and add Google fonts to editors
  • Editor design: Choose icons and editor color
  • Advanced spellchecker
  • Preview the content of an article with your template loaded
  • JCE Editor plugin to link to the file manager files


  • HTML code colored
  • Visual style manager: Create your own css style and load it in editor
  • Title style manager override tool
  • Create edition profiles and define editor toolbar for each profile
  • Editor profile with Joomla user group access restriction
  • Restrict editor load by Joomla component
  • Search and replace in text and code
Have been using JCE editor & fiddling with divs combined with box editor ... but not getting what I want ie. clean columns as I can choose.
Ease of use
Easy configuration as not overly heavy on choices. Installed, configured and building responsive columns in minutes! Allows template saves.
Not needed, has good online info and how to use. And is easy to use. Doesn't use my template fonts, but uses Google fonts, good on web.
Online info is good, explains all functions needed.
I used this to: Re-building a number of Joomla websites, upgrading to 3x and preparing for 4x. Need everything to be responsive, especially for mobile devices. Got OS Responsive Gallery, which is beautiful to use, then needed a responsive editor to build 2, 3, 4 columns with media, images, text.

Great extension!

Posted on 23 February 2016
It works with any component, support in case of problems quickly solve the problem, great component!
Ease of use
Very simple and intuitive
incredible support, I recommend everyone

Nice experience

Posted on 23 October 2015
Very original and smart, especially the column edition :)
Ease of use
So far the best one I've tested regarding that. This is really a good extension to edit your content with a flat learning curve
Amazing, even if it''s free I got a reply to my question on their forum (free)
A PDF is available with the download
I used this to: My personal website and for authors with a customization of styles
simple and powerfull editor i like button and list editor ! template is great
Ease of use
yes as all joomunited extension
yes as all joomunited extension
I used this to: all of my site
It's not overloaded, but all you need is there.
Ease of use
very ease to use. If you have droppics and dropfiles it's a cakewalk.
Very good, got an answer within a few hours.
You need no comprehensive documentation. Most of it is self-explaining.
I used this to: Almost all my websites especially for the frontend.
I can't say anything about an Editor , but this one has great built-in features like droppics and dropfiles .
Ease of use
Very easy to use , even for first time , it is so easy
It has a minor bug , when i tell the support team , they fixed this problem in just few days.
I think there is no need to documentation , but the documentations is OK
Has great features built in with full support for editors-xtd buttons. Could use a built in HTML media player but, ample plugins for that.
Ease of use
One of the easiest to use esp. if your going to need to embed images and files
Forums are monitored, answered and bugs fixed fast!
I used this to: Sites that don't need all the JCE features and is simple for clients to use without resorting to a full pagebuilder.

Awesome Editor

Posted on 07 April 2015
The initial release which included the buttons not functioning were fixed very quickly when reported even though this is a free extension.
Ease of use
Easy to use but be careful when adding bullet points.
Support was excellent for a free extension
I used this to: All my websites have been switched over to this editor
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Droppics is the easiest image and gallery manager for Joomla. Indeed, with Droppics you get a complete solution to manage gallery AND single image on your website. No more need to go in the component and go back in the article to manage images, you need just to create a pictures gallery (1 click), drag and drop pictures (1 click) from the article editor, and finally insert an image or a gallery (...
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Social Backlinks

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Social Backlinks automatically posts your Joomla, K2, ZOO, Hikashop, RedSHOP and Virtuemart selected content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Vkontakte. This extension feed all the social networks with your content in a smart way. Social Backlinks is the only component to use the automatic configuration to post on social networks. No more need to create a new social account, application,... just...
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Linky Map

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Droptables Droptables
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Droptables is the only table manager for Joomla that offers a real spreadsheet interface to manage tables like excel, google sheet. Plus, all the tables can be managed from your editor. Create table, apply some really cool themes and start playing with the content. Table copy, table category, some calculation functions are in the inner part of the toy. As Droptables is fully managed from your edit...
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Item rating

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Tag Transform Tag Transform
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Tag Transform

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Tag transform is a unique extension to display your Joomla native tags in a nice way. Since Joomla 3.1, the tagging system enhance the content management in Joomla. All your articles can have tags and then create a semantic link with all tagged content. But how about automatically adding your tag in a module and display tags in various way? Tag transform module allows you to display your tag as a...
My Testimonials My Testimonials
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My Testimonials

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My Testimonials is Joomla extensions that allows you to get clients testimonials and display them the way you want. It's fully integrated with Google Rich Snippet. Add clients feedback or get their testimonial from your website frontend/backend, then display your score and review in Google search results. My testimonials got integration with the Google Company Rich Snippet, review and testimonial...
Speed Cache Speed Cache
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Speed Cache

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Joomla have a native cache and Gzip compression system, that's a good start. Speed Cache comes over as a natural improvement of the Joomla page cache system with a lot of performance, compatibility and features enhancement. Speed Cache brings: a powerful static page caching, compatible with user sessions, a full browser cache system, a preloading cache system and a URL inclusion cache control. So...
Sponsorship Reward Sponsorship Reward
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Sponsorship Reward

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Do you need an affiliate program for users, Sponsorship reward is for you! Bring your friends and give them a gift. You will get a special access or a gift to you in the same time. What do you need more! Sponsorship reward increase automatically your members by creating an affiliate program. Now fully integrated with Virtuemart 2 , RedSHOP, Hikashop coupons. Each user can become a sponsor. Examp...
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Dropfiles Dropfiles
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Dropfiles, the easiest and powerful files manager for Joomla. The AJAX interface save you a lot of time and allows you to manage a massive amount of files. The extension comes with a Google Drive and Dropbox integration. Get the most powerful yet easiest file manager for Joomla. Manage all your files and categories from your favorite editor. Create a file category, drag'n drop your files then ins...
SEO Glossary SEO Glossary
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SEO Glossary

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Team Chart

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Team Chart is a unique extension to generate flow chart for companies. Usually building a flow chart require some HTML/CSS knowledge to build something beautiful. With team chart component you can generate one or several flow chart in few minutes directly from an article unsing an AJAX building tool. Plus, the number of flow chart is unlimited, the person already added in your chart can be transf...
Invalid Token Interceptor Invalid Token Interceptor

Invalid Token Interceptor

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Have you ever seen a blank page with the an "invalid token" message? Joomla is displayed this massage in various situation like while you try to loggin twice or when you session expire and you reload a page. With this simple yet useful plugin, you can intercept this message and display what you want as a Joomla system designed message. Download & run the plugin for free on all your Joomla websit...
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My Maps location for Community Builder

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My maps location plugin for community builder allows you to add a Geolocation in user profile in two ways: You can map existing CB fields with My Maps location. Then all you members will be listed as a location in My Maps location. Add a map tab in CB profile, so every user can click on the map to define his location Option to use autolocation to locate the user position Option: - Map type opt...
My Maps location for Hikashop My Maps location for Hikashop
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My Maps location for Hikashop

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My maps location for Hikashop is a complete integration with Hikashop/Hikamarket multi-vendor solution. ** Main features ** Main features: Search for place and find where to get products Search for product name and find the place to get it Search for vendor name and get the closest products Search product in all the multivendor shop Compatible Hikashop essential and business Compatible with Jo...
My Maps location for Jomsocial My Maps location for Jomsocial
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My Maps location for Jomsocial

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JomSocial Extensions
My maps location plugin for Jomsocial allows you to add a Geolocation in user profile in two ways: You can map existing Jomsocial fields with My Maps location. Then all your members can be searched with the powerful My Maps location search engine Map the Jomsocial address field of your choice with My maps location address field Jomsocial native App, can be set as core app or not Option: - Map...


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Dec 28 2018
Date added:
Mar 31 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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