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OSMap is a Joomla sitemap generator. It will build an SEO-friendly XML sitemap for Google and other search engines. It will also build an HTML sitemap for your visitors.

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Our Joomla sitemap extension is the most popular, it's very easy to use, and will save you a lot of time.

Sitemap Features in the Free version:

  • Automatically builds an XML sitemap which is SEO-friendly
  • Automatically builds an HTML sitemap to display to your site visitors
  • Automatically builds an image sitemap for Google and other search engines
  • Automatically builds a Google News sitemap
  • Supports all Joomla core extensions, including expanded indexing
  • Supports menu item indexing for 3rd party extensions
  • Implements the Priority XML sitemap tag for each sitemap item
  • Implements the Priority Frequency sitemap tag for each sitemap item
  • All our of our Joomla Sitemap features are well documented

It's easy to upgrade to the Pro version. Pro version has these features:

  • OSMap Pro supports expanded indexing for several non-core extensions
  • Implements a "Noindex, Nofollow" option for single items in your sitemap
  • Powerful caching system for large sitemaps Multi-column layouts for your HTML sitemaps

About the Company

Joomlashack was founded the day after Joomla started, all the way back in 2005. We’ve created and acquired a large collection of Joomla extensions over the years. We also have easy-to-use Joomla templates and the most popular Joomla training in the world.

So you can be sure that if you use our sitemap generator, you have a solid company behind you to support you.


What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a collection of links on your website. It creates an index that helps Google and other search engines to find your content.

Why does Google need a sitemap of your site?

It doesn’t need it, but it is very helpful to Google. With your Joomla sitemap enabled, Google knows exactly what links/pages are on the site. And it’s all in one place, ordered and in a format that’s very SEO-friendly. Therefore, Google doesn’t have to transverse your entire site looking for pages.

What are the benefits of sitemaps?

The biggest benefit to a sitemap is that your content gets added to Google quickly. With our sitemap, it is able to add your new pages in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

Why is it free? What’s the catch?

There is no catch. We want you to use and love our sitemap generator. You’re free to use it on as many sites as you want. We make our money by selling some extra features (like caching) in the Pro version. But you have everything you need in the Free version to create a professional Joomla sitemap.

What are the Technical Requirements?

Joomla 3 and PHP 5.6+.

How can I install your sitemap generator?

  1. Download the latest version of OSMap
  2. Go to your Joomla administrator
  3. Extensions -> Manage -> Install
  4. Upload OSMap and click the Install button

How can I upgrade to the latest version?

We integrate with Joomla’s update manager. You can update from your admin area by going to Extensions -> Manage -> Update, select OSMap, and click the update button.

That’s it! Nice and easy.

Alternatively, upgrading manually is the same steps as installing and everything will automatically be upgraded for you.

Can I use your sitemap generator in commercial projects?

Yes, our sitemap generator is licensed under the GPL. So you can use it in personal and commercial project, including in your client projects.

Can I see a demo of the generated sitemaps?

Yes, we have a demo page for both the XML sitemap and the HTML sitemap.

Where can I get support?

Use our contact form and one of our team will reply promptly. We pride ourselves on our support.

Disappointing software

Posted on 06 February 2019
Bad quality, it's not compatible with many extensions As i know, it work only with 5-6 extensions. It's very expensive
Ease of use
As the documentation in non-existant, you 'll find by yourself how it work
once you have buying this software, they don't want to refund your money whatever if this software is not compatible with other extensions
Non-existant. Take care, your subscription is setting on auto-renew by default, without they inform you!
I used this to: Removed from my website, i prefer to use a site crawled sitemap, which is more useful than this kind of "software"
Creates HTML and XML Site Maps
Ease of use
The HTML Site Map works very well.
The XML Site Map also works well but you have to use your browser to save the content and then upload it.
I got a very quick response to an e-mailed query.
Don't really know! The method of use is very intuitive.
I used this to: Creating a browser HTML site map and an XML Site Map for use by Search Engines.

Ok but limited to menu

Posted on 18 December 2018
Sitemap for menu only, if you have only a menu it's ok but if you have other links they won't be in the sitemap
Ease of use
Quite complicated, you must always create a menu for everything
Not recommended
Owner's reply: If you are an OSMap user, please ignore this reviewer. Their review is 100% mistaken.

Please read the description on this page. It explains how OSMap works. There is a lot of documentation to help you:

In the description on this page, it explains how to contact our support. We're always happy to help:

OSMap is working successfully on 10,000's of sites. And there is excellent documentation and support available.

Great plugin

Posted on 12 November 2018
It works as promised and has no gotcha's.
Ease of use
It is simple to use.
I did have a challenge getting Google to link to the sitemap, but the folks at Joomlashack were very responsive and quick.
Documentation is solid and they have some online help.
I used this to: I will try this on a few sites and will likely upgrade to the pro (paid) version.
All that is needed for a site map is in this component!
Ease of use
Creating and configuring a site map does not cause any problems, everything is simple and clear!
Wonderful support! She answered all my questions and helped in solving certain problems!
I did not use the documentation!
I used this to: I use this component on my website -

Great support

Posted on 25 July 2018
Does what it is supposed to do well.
Ease of use
Plug and play... could not be easier.
Cannot fault the responses and response time.... very good!
I used this to: All of my website Site Map submissions.
Ease of use
Couldn't be easier. Had an old "Xmap" sitemap. Installed Osmap which then imported the Xmap data, Done. It even updated the menu link.
I used this to: Client site, but will be installing on all sites

Works well

Posted on 18 July 2018
Installed on multiple sites. Only one issue on a virtuemart site with 1000's of products, it would not work unless products were excluded.
Ease of use
Fine - no hardship to configure.
Awesome - quick and reliable.
I used this to: Various sites including those with virtuemart.
Every site should have a sitemap and with osmap there is no reason not to. The sitemap is automatically updated per edits to joomla.
Ease of use
Just remember you need to create menu items for the sitemap pages.
Within hours they have responded, logged in, and resolved my i
So easy I didn't need much documentation.
I used this to: Every single client!


Posted on 27 June 2018
Extensão que cumpre a sua função na perfeição.
Ease of use
Não há nada mais simples. É instalar e literalmente clicar em "criar novo sitemap"
O apoio é fantástico, respondem rápida e prontamente e foram muito eficazes na resolução de um pequeno problema que tive.
Não é preciso grande documentação, sendo que a aplicação é muito simples.
I used this to: Criar um mapa do meu website, tanto XML como HTML.
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