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Posted on 19 September 2010
Better than expected..))

The "Marquee" option, when posts are floating, is great - it gives a nice touch to the overall page appearance. Works perfect with Joomla! 1.5, just turn on the Legacy plugin!

Thanks a lot!!

No download link!

Posted on 17 September 2010
It sounds good! But please, provide a download link to your extension!! The download link leads to general Kunena download, and there is no traces of this extension download on your website..

Thank you
Owner's reply: Our apologies for the missing link. The download page has been updated.

You can't add product pictures...!?

Posted on 11 September 2009
Am I blind or you can't add pictures to products!?

At least it is not available (or not clear at the SimpleCaddy control center)...
Owner's reply: Blind or not, you did not *read* the principle of SimpleCaddy. SimpleCaddy provides a plugin for your *content* to become the description of your products. This is described on,, here on the JED, in the forum on and many more places.
In this way all the layout and all the possibilities of a Joomla content is at your disposal to describe a product.


Posted on 07 September 2009
I have uploaded all the images correctly but they don't show on the front page of the store (for the featured products below the categories) and inside the category, no images for products

I was breaking my head for 2 days now, trying to fix it.

I asked this question at the VirtueMart forum but did not get an answer...

I tried to contact the developer but the "contact us" form on VirtueMart site does not work..!?

My impression is: very poor coding and no support.
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