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Nice and simple extension

Posted on 25 September 2015
Good functionality but not all cyrillic sybmols are processing, f.e. "я", "щ", so plugin generates sometimes incorrect aliases.
Ease of use
Very simple
Value for money
Owner's reply: Yes, agreed for some cyrilic symbols (Russian at first). That's why it's called "YU", it reffers to ex-YU countries all using accented latin and cyrilic and all are symilar to each other. I presume next update will have it. Maybe even making your own custom set of characters and replacements. Thanks for your review!

Very powerfull & suitable tool

Posted on 06 October 2009
Hello everybody!

I think it's very powerful & suitable extension, because there is a couple of useful features (f.e. AJAXed front interface) and, of course, a huge of settings for moderating that makes a life of an administrator more easy. :)

I use this tool a long time and I'm satisfied with it.

So, I have to say you should use it in anyway! :)
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Last Modified Any

By Victor Yunoshev
SEO & Metadata
Plugin for Joomla articles which allows you set the page HTTP header "Last-Modified" (If-Modified-Since) and "304 Not Modified" response to increase indexing your websites by searching bots. From 1.0.7 version an option was added to activate plugin only for search-engines bots to avoid page caching by browsers. From 1.0.8 version native support was added for Joomla 3.3.x. From 1.1.1 version it su...
TV Schedule
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TV Schedule

By Victor Yunoshev
Streaming & Broadcasting
Component creates schedule of TV programmes. You are allowed send to email the picked TV programmes from the list (simple HTML or PDF file). Basic features: 1.0.1-1.0.6 - TV programmes genres management; - TV programmes list management; - work with the calendar is organized, so that it would be more convenient to filter records and fill out the list of TV shows; - there is the possibil...