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Should not be on JED

Posted on 24 July 2013
Waste of 10 minutes. No customization possible to style and doesn't work in vertical.

Developer's site is sorely lacking too. Try clicking on Contact us - I find that he/she is the "Owner of the fruit shop" - very helpful, but NO contact info.

Awesome module, even better support

Posted on 09 October 2012
Thank goodness, a login module that's customizable! Want to have registration enabled, but not show "Create an account"? You can with this module.

The service is even better though. I had a problem/request. Within a few hours Bob had added code and sent a revised version. Thanks Bob - someone who understands decent business practices!!

Unintuitive and unfriendly

Posted on 20 August 2012
It took me hours to get this thing working on the development site. It was average at best in its layout, but I'd already invested so much time in making it work...

Uploaded the site to the live server and everything is broken. Wasted 1/2 hour more trying to make it work. I think much of the problem is the author's penchant for absolute paths throughout the component. A recipe for chaos after moving a site.

Would never recommend or try again. Had to delete it off the live site and install an alternative. A time waster.
Owner's reply: I'm sorry you had problems. A lot of effort has gone into ensuring that a new installation of Remository will work immediately - and this seems to have paid off in the opinion of a number of reviewers.

Absolute paths are not used on a whim - they are used because they do not restrict the user to placing the file repository within the document root - it can be placed absolutely anywhere that can be specified by a legal path. Also, if you stick with the default of storing files in the database, migration requires only the transfer of the DB tables.

There is a brief Remository FAQ that describes exactly how to handle site migration, which should only take a few minutes to implement.

Oh my goodness!

Posted on 18 August 2012
I read about jupgrade and sp upgrade and thought, hmmmm, that sounds like a drama. All I really wanted was the articles/categories and the users, so this extension sounded like it would do the trick.

It sure did! What an easy to use extension! Thank you so much for 100's of hours saved! You rock.


Posted on 07 August 2012
I wanted a no-fuss rotator to do just that - rotate images. This is perfect.

No it's not a super powerful, whizz-bang extension, but it is EXACTLY what the author claims - a very simple image rotator.

A pity that other reviewers didn't read the preamble that said it works only with same sized images and then gave it 1 star because it didn't do resizing or keep ratios the same...

Well done Jesus! Great lightweight entrant!



Posted on 02 May 2012
Just perfect for what I needed!

Downloaded, installed and got it going in under 10 minutes. Would have been sooner except for operator error - it helps if you enter the correct info into playlist.txt!

Very configurable and simple to follow.

Awesome for a basic form

Posted on 21 February 2012
The description sounded great and it was cheaper than the other I was looking at. It would have been useful to know that even basic things requires writing code - though it does make basic forms really well. Pity I wanted more than basic forms.

I'm not sure who everyone else was speaking to, but the "support" I got was very, very sad. I've had support tens times as good on free extensions. Telling a customer, who asks how a picture can be inserted in the background, that "This is rather standard HTML and CSS usage, not something that is specific to RSform!Pro" Thanks......
Owner's reply: RSForm! Pro does far more than basic forms, as proven by the built-in features (multipage forms, conditional fields, dynamic field validations, 3rd party integrations, embedding PHP code etc).

Even though we do not provide HTML, CSS or any kind of code-oriented training (as specified in our Support Policy) we do try to do our best in helping out customers, even going the extra mile. I'm sorry that you felt this way and chose to leave this review without even trying to look at the articles and examples we've provided you with.

Thank you!

Posted on 13 January 2012
Having just changed blog components, I was faced with over 1000 broken links. The thought of doing this manually was daunting (especially since I don't know enough to fiddle with .htaccess too much). This component did it in one hit - bingo, all links redirect perfectly to the new blog!

A good component

Posted on 30 December 2011
I initially had some problems with this tool (I was an early user of it). The support was good and changes and fixes were made.

It's a good calendar tool, though it has some display issues where the available room for it is small (it does not display well in a 600px space - there are overlaps). I had a 1000px wide site with 2 200px sidebars and it couldn't handle it. However, I selected not to display the right side bar and it displays well at 800px.

Support is generally good, though I have experienced a few unanswered emails. But a big kudos to them, when I complained about it Jtag really got onto it and made it right.

For it's purpose, this could become #1 with the addition of a couple of items - the most pressing, IMHO, is emailing a user when they register to confirm details and sending a copy to the admin.


Works as advertised

Posted on 17 November 2011
I have always been worried by the forced use of /administrator for the back end, plus the numerous "J! flags" in a Joomla site which scream "Hack me, I'm Joomla!". Yes I understand that it's not quite that easy, but a little more cloak and dagger in the core product would go a long way to helping make J! even more secure.

This was an easy install, worked perfectly first time, and I had no issues.

Would love to have seen more of this is J! 1.7, but this little mod helps a lot!
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JCH Optimize

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