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Good but not perfect

Posted on 16 November 2009
As usual, this is another quality Phoca component. It's easy to setup, easy to use and it looks good also. My minor suggestions for future versions are:

(1) If Captcha is going to be case-sensitive as it is now, there should be a message regarding that somewhere as it is not the expected Captcha behavior.

(2) The grammar needs some serious work. There are commas all over where there shouldn't be and the English is mediocre at best. Perhaps someone could help translate it a bit better.

(3) The math Captcha is a bit odd and could use some instructions for users. In my test pool, some people were trying to enter the equation itself. lol I know, I know. Typically math is displayed in plain text though so the novice internet users might need a little assistance.

I have already rectified these issues on my site as they are easily sorted but I just thought I would mention them. Again, they are minor issues and this extension is very good.

Thank you for another nice component.
Owner's reply: Hi, thank you for your review:

1) 3) You can write it into description field, so this depends on administrator which instructions will be displayed

2) "Perhaps someone could help translate it a bit better" this is the problem because there is nobody to do, so if you want to help, just fix all the English issues and let me know. Will be great and I will appreciate such help a lot.

Thank you, Jan

Moo Tools problem

Posted on 13 November 2009
My 1st review was rejected as apparently stating that it doesn't work is considered a "support request." I will state quite clearly again though that it does not work. If you have another script of any kind that utilizes Moo Tools (and many do) the javascript in this plug-in will fail. The entire purpose of this plug-in is javascript so without it, the plug-in doesn't work. This sint' a support request - it's a fact.

Another one good in theory only

Posted on 12 November 2009
I installed this one and reinstalled and reinstalled ..

I kept getting the "500 - View not found" error when trying to save the settings. This error is mentioned in the documentation but it simply says the component was not correctly installed. However, I get no errors when installing and reinstalling does nothing. All directory perms are set properly etc.

Support is non-existent. There's a guy on the forums who posted in August and the solution is simple - he needs to upload the patched files. No one could even take the time to reply to him in 3 months however.

Move along and find another com. This one is dead.
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