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A venerable component with excellent support

Posted on 01 May 2015
It works.
Ease of use
Emerald out of the box is easy enough to use. It can be used to restrict anything on a site.
The best support ever
Documentation could be better.
Value for money
The cost for this component is fair. It is the backbone of my subscription website..
I used this to: I have used this product for 7 years. It's completely revamped for Joomla 3.0 and it still just works. The current site I'm using this needed some minor corrections, support to correct these was exemplary.

A really amazing product

Posted on 03 July 2014
This is a really great product and even better support!

Ari Data Tables did exactly what I needed it to do, show my client specific information within the the Joomla database.

I, however, would not have been able to script the SQL queries correctly with out the help of the support team at ARI. They were responsive, thorough and very fast. Just amazing

Yes, it would be better if there were more documentation available, but in lieu of that, they have top notch support.

Friend suggestion for Jomsocial

Posted on 06 December 2011
I purchased this product with great hope, but was sadly disappointed. It just doesn't work and there isn't anyway, it seems, to get support of any kind.


Prefect for any website

Posted on 21 November 2009
I really like this component. It is easy to use and set-up. My only issue, so far, is that I don't seem to be getting email sent through the program.

I'm using PHP mail (have used sendmail too) as instructed.

When I figure this out I will gladly continue to use this program.

Thanks everyone for your hard work.
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By MintJoomla
Membership & Subscriptions
Emerald is an amazing, unique and oldest membership extension for Joomla. After 9 years of development and implementation of new ideas it become a beautiful extension that can satisfy anyone and be adjusted for any subscriptions scenario. It's unique feature is to restrict any section or action of any component without additional integration. > For those abandoned from AEC and AkeebaSubscription...
Email Beautifier
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Email Beautifier

By Techjoomla
A must have for practically every Joomla site out there, this extension will turn the 'Vanilla' Joomla emails into a work of art. How many of you have looked at the silly 'welcome email' and complained that it is so very un-cool? Gosh! I see so many hands up in the air! So here's an answer to all of that.. and more. With Email Beautifier from Techjoomla, making your Joomla emails look nicer is...
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