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Promising start

Posted on 24 June 2012
This is a good promising start for an online bible study tool. There's 3 english versions: kjv asv & ylt. the commentary part doesn't let you change between commentaries but just shows whatever you have selected as default. Hopefully improvements & features will be added as time goes on.
Owner's reply: Current new version 2.7 allows for infinite number of Bibles as long as XML file that your are importing from is certain format. In current version I've taken out I've taken out commentaries temporary, since I've been looking for a way to get more commentaries and did not want code to interfere with redoing page layout. But will all them back in next version with ability to change commentary from drop down select box.

Awesome Component & Awesome Support

Posted on 20 June 2012
It has all the features you need without the complexity of some of the other offerings. Forum responses are quick & developer helped me with implementing a new layout. If you choose this you wont regret it.

good extension, needs more options

Posted on 29 January 2012
i like the interactive funtions of the module. for those commenting on the language deal, you can change to your locale if it's not set on install. there's a option in the back end to do that. on buying it, when it takes you to paypal, in the address field right you will see /pl/ just change pl to us and voila u have english. buyer beware pro version not working for me at all currently. download came in htm format i had to change to zip and it wouldn't install in joomla.
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