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Falls Short of Expectations

Posted on 06 September 2011
Well it does seem to work however I think the developer missed the whole concept of what makes a module useful. If done right they should make it easier to work on websites so those that don’t know HTML can do it and this misses that mark by a long shot. The developers own website is done is Wordpress so that should tell you something right there. Make the options available and editable within the interface of the module and you may have something here.....otherwise, what's the point? At the very least you should have the option to assign a module class......
Owner's reply: GraphX,

This module was created almost 3 years ago when I was still actively developing with Joomla!. I've since moved to WordPress and make a much better living within that community.

I apologize the module wasn't customization via point-and-click, and one day I'd like to achieve that sort of functionality.

Out of all the reviews here, and on my website you are the first to complain. I'd like to offer any assistance I can to get you up and going. Just send me an email.

Great Component

Posted on 02 December 2009
VirtueMart is a great e-Commerce solution, I have used it on several sites and have been pleased with the outcome, however I havent been able to access their website in quite a while so Im not sure if this project is still moving forward.....
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