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Joomla market niche extension

Posted on 14 April 2014
We always had "confrontation" with our users, as the site's structure was a little bit crowded, they found the searched stuff really heavily.

We give a chance to this extension to make them clearer where to search for what they want to see.

This module gives you a flexible and spectacular option to make your visitors clearer how to use your site. Really missed it from the Joomla community earlier.

Also the support is extremly fast if you stuck somewhere thru the upbuliding (thx Marco again).

Don't hasitate if u have the same problems as us, your visitors will be really thankful for it.

And what makes your site's value higher? Yes, you know that clearly... The more your visitors loves you, the more time they will be spend at your site, the more you can benefit from their love.

New dimensions in e-commerce

Posted on 25 March 2014
I've set up a few e-shops in the past years, used K2Mart and Virtuemart on earlier projects.

A new project fired me to use another e-shop solution: I decided to user HikaShop+HikaMarket combo, that seemed to fit the emerged needs.

Flexible, detailed componenet and fast, 5star support.

I'm lucky, because I made the correct decision on the purchase day. Worth it, totally satisfied!

Thanks Jerome again!

Best Joomla e-commerce solution I've worked with

Posted on 25 March 2014
I've set up a few e-shops in the past years, used K2Mart and Virtuemart on earlier projects.

In the past weeks a new project emerged, looked really complex, I read over all the e-commerce solutions' descripitions I've not tried earlier. Finally give HikaShop Business a chance.

I still not regret it. Faster, more flexible with tons of FREE plugins, and what is really matter for me: kind, detailed and fast support. It's another dimension comparing to the earlier ones.

Config parameters are so detailed, that I get lost in the first time, but after a little time, you understand how it works.

I'm lucky to find that and made the correct decision on that day. Totally satisfied.

Thanks Nicolas, Jerome & all the team members!

Amazing stuff and support

Posted on 04 September 2012
This extension is a must have if you want to build up loyality in your customers, and wanna speep up your sales.

Not just the extension is working perfectly, but also you have a lot of option to set when and how much points you wanna give to your users. Also it is supporting AwoCoupon!

If you get any problems with setting up, developers answers really fast (for me usually in a few hours).

For such a small amount of money it worth it, your users will love this extension's possibilities!

What else you wanna wish? The developers are takeing care of you, if you have some small new feature ideas, they really take it up on their list.

Thanks again guys!

Top notch stuff for fair money

Posted on 05 June 2012
Really great stuff! Easy to customize, really detailed parameters, great possibilities to have a super-fast ajax based search module!

You also have an option to show images for searched items, and the support... ...supper-fast,kindly,helpful!

Worth that money I've invested in this! Five-star in all aspects!

Great plugin, worth the money

Posted on 11 April 2012
The price seemed a little bit high for first look, but the code is so flawlessly, it's working so clean, and it's really easy to configure.

So I advice, not to hesitate, if you need a thema-categorised Google Map, you will need this. It's much more complex then the free ones, and working like a charm.

Also had a really small problem, the developer answered in a few(!) minutes, and fixed the problem (which was in template).

Thanks Grigor again, really nice work!

Amazing stuff

Posted on 09 September 2011
This component is amazing!

"Unlimited" possibilities to create forms fast, easily. Great for creating unique registration forms as well.

The mapping function was a really good idea, works great, worth that amount of money.

Support is fast and helpful. Guys, Excellent!

Keep up the good work!
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