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Big Time-Saver

Posted on 12 December 2012
I've made OSContent a standard part of my Joomla install. For sites with more than a little content, it saves a bundle of time. The way it can also create a menu item while it creates an article is a big plus.


Excellent once download buttons work as expected

Posted on 04 November 2011
This is a lovely extension that suffers, as others have noted, from difficulties with downloading the mp3 files (clicking opens another window, whereupon the user has to right-click to download the file). Another reviewer has suggested a fix (adding code to the vhost directory). Linux hosting users can get the same benefit by inserting the following code by creating a file named .htaccess

ForceType application/octet-stream

Header set Content-Disposition attachment

Then upload the .htaccess file into your directory that contains the audio files. This will force files in that directory to download when the MP3Browser download icon is clicked.

Exceptional component for event registration

Posted on 16 September 2011
I've used DT Register on about a half dozen commercial sites, and I'm convinced that I made a good decision in going with it.


* Very comprehensive

* Easily customizable

* Numerous payment options, including PayPal Pro!

* Handles complex fee considerations

* Nathan provides very good support

* While it's not exactly cheap ($75), it's a LOT of component for the money, especially for a component that you're trusting for ecommerce.

* YouTube training videos.


* There's a significant learning curve for this component.

* While version 2.7.9 is stable, earlier versions of 2.7.x had enough bugs to be problematic. Make sure you check the vendor's site regularly for upgrades.

Overall, if you have events that require complex registration forms, DT Register is the only way to go.

Good product, poor support

Posted on 04 September 2007
VirtueMart is clearly a feature-packed component and the only serious e-commerce game in town for Joomla website developers.

The problem is learning how to configure it to your particular needs. The documentation and online support is woefully inadequate. The forum badly needs a team of heroes to respond to the many unanswered questions (questions that ought to be answered in FAQs or docs).

To make matters worse, the website has been agonizingly slow lately.

If you're looking for an example of third-party Joomla extensions that could benefit from going commercial, you need look no farther than VirtueMart.


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Mass Content
OSContent is designed for managing, adding, creating, and deleting articles, categories and menu links. OSContent is a wonderful time-saver if you need to quickly add content to a Joomla site. With a few clicks, you create all the categories, articles and menu links you need for your Joomla site. Why waste time repeating steps over and over again, when you can do the same thing with just a few cl...
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