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Posted on 27 June 2012
This component is a life saver if you have a 2 language site. More than that and things get complicated and it may not be fore you. But for me its perfect.

I suspect this will effect ordering if you order by the a field you have made multi language because the plugin has to be applied after the SLQ query.

The instructions suggest using the system language picker but that always redirects you to your default menu item for that language wich is a drag for users. I wrote a quick module that just changes the language and directs you to the current page. This would be a good feature to add. I'd be happy to contribute what I wrote but I can't promise it covers all scenarios. With a simple languages selection module that leaves you on the same page this extension would be perfect.


Posted on 27 June 2012
I just needed to redirect to the current page after login from a module. It seems like an obvious feature but I didn't see a way to do it in Joomla 2.5. This took me about 1 minute to install and configure and it works with both the joomla login module and the k2 tools login module.

Unfortunatly it doesn't restore and there is no one to tell about it

Posted on 20 April 2012
I have used Akeeba Backup for some time, but unfortunately it will no longer restore on my Mac with MAMP. I have read all of the trouble shooting documentation but unfortunately one of the suggestions solve the problem. I'm sure this is a bug.

Bugs are expected but the contact form on the akeeba website doesn't work and you have to pay for support (which I would be happy to do if it were a support issue, unfortunately I am absolutely sure my settings are correct).

So alas, I cant give 5 stars. I'm rating it as average because the backup does actually work, its in the reinstall that you may have trouble, but for archival purposes this should be fine.
Owner's reply: Given the fact that I am using MAMP myself to develop and test Akeeba Backup and its associated utilities on a MacBook Pro I would be very surprised if using MAMP was responsible for your restoration issues.

Receiving 5-7 unsolicited support requests over the Contact Us form every day pretty much ensures that the form does work. If you have submitted an unsolicited support request and not gotten a reply is because I never reply to unsolicited support requests sent through the Contact Us form, exactly as mentioned explicitly on the Contact Us form's page.

That said, if you actually pay for support and it turns out to be an unknown bug in my software I will give you a free AKEEBADELUXE subscription, exactly as I've done to a handful of bug reporters to this date. It's not like I have abandoned my software. I just don't enjoy working for free. Would you walk up to your car mechanic and demand that he fixes your car for free? If not, why would you ask a developer to provide you with free support?
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