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Extremely useful extension and excellent support!

Posted on 21 August 2012
I have purchased 2 extensions from StyleWare, and am currently using the Dropdown Menu on my site.

An incredibly useful extension - and the only one of its kind for K2 (there is one other, but it has limited functionality and very buggy).

Dropdown Menu is easy to install and configure. Has functions that are not available in K2/K2 Tools. An absolute must for websites with lots of K2 categories and items.

StyleWare's customer support deserves a special mention. I had trouble customizing the extension's look and code to match my site's design and needs - and Set from StyleWare has been extremely helpful (and patient!) with this. Prompt responses, full explanations etc. After a dozen or so emails I now have the desired look&feel, while so of the more time-consuming and non-urgent requests have been added to their to-do list for future releases.

I was pleasantly surprised to see StyleWare willing to help me out so much, especially given that this extension is a one-off purchase, not a part of some expensive "support subscription". Thank you!

Great plugin and superb customer support!

Posted on 25 April 2012
This is by far the most user friendly and visually appealing poll plugin for Joomla 2.5.

Very easy to configure and customize - it really adds a nice touch to the website.

A great range of options - to show data on frontend (and reset in admin), change width, colour scheme, control the poll's behaviour (allowing multiple votes, for instance). I found it very easy to set up - and the GreatJoomla site has sufficient instructions.

The voting itself is much simpler from the user's perspective - no boxes to check, no buttons to press. Instant and easy.

Daniel's customer support deserves a special mention. First of all, he reacts immediately to forum posts. Same goes for contact form messages - he got back to me straight away and was incredibly helpful! My minor issue (re customization) was sorted in a matter of hours.

I look forward to testing and using other Core plugins - it is an impressive range of useful, unique and nice looking plugins.

A great product which ticks all the boxes

Posted on 19 January 2010
I am developing a website for my business intelligence company and have been looking for a solution that would enable my clients to choose between several membership plans, as well as to purchase and download electronic documents.

I’ve looked at all available subscription managers for Joomla (and have even purchased and tested the leading commercial solutions) and finally chose AEC as the most versatile and feature-rich one.

The AEC Tour on (including the video tours of frontend/backend) was very helpful during the component selection/comparison process – it provided a comprehensive and clear overview of all the key features and capabilities – something that most other websites lack when presenting their software.

I found the cost of support subscription more than reasonable – and a great value for money. The software itself comes free even with the cheapest plan. After that you can choose the period of support that would suit your particular needs. I ended up choosing the two months option, as I knew I needed some custom work done. For those who do not require customizations (and most users will not), AEC will actually end up being cheaper than any of its main competitors.

There are a number of features that make AEC stand out among other subscription managers, but I will focus on the ones essential for a business website like mine. First of all, it is very important that Valanx team can themselves develop additional payment gateways, instead of referring you to third part developers. I have had problems with the latter in the past, and felt more comfortable letting David develop a gateway for HSBC ePayments (my company’s online payments processor). The initial choice of supported processor is also rather impressible, given that 80% of other subscription managers only support PayPal.

Secondly, the number of built-in integrations in AEC is more than sufficient for any project I can think of. DocMan, JUGA and Google Analytics integrations are most useful for my purposes – but there are 40+ more to choose from.

Finally, AEC has built-in tools to customize invoices, tax rates for different regions, system emails (allowing to modify/replace the standard Joomla ones) and even a shopping cart feature. Most other components either do not have these features at all (especially invoices and tax rates), or provide them as commercial add-ons or compatible components. Thus, not only will AEC save you money, but it will also enable access to all functions from within a single (and very user friendly) control panel, saving the hassle of installing multiple components/modules and then struggling to integrated them with each other.

Setting AEC up was really straight forward – I followed instructions in the Support Videos. The latter are a great way to get a solid understanding of how the component works – and they guide you through all the potential scenarios. Furthermore, I found the help tooltips in the AEC’s admin panel incredibly useful – pointing over any setting immediately gives you an explanation of what it does etc.

The level of support I have witnessed after purchasing a support subscription was absolutely great. I received regular responses to my support tickets from David – sometimes 4-5 responses per day. I am yet to fully explore the forum, but it looks reasonably well supported by the developers as well as experienced users. Also, to address one of the concerns below (post dated January 2, 2010), there is in fact a contact email on every page of the website – which I successfully used for pre-sales questions in December 2009.

I further understand that a User Manual will be available soon. With that in mind, and given the recent addition to’s team, I am confident that they will continue to provide fast and efficient service.
Dropdown Menu for K2
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Dropdown Menu for K2

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This brand new module allows you to create very easy navigation through filtering of the K2 categories and items. Wonder how it works? In the parameters of the module, you can select the root category. All sub-categories will be displayed in the first dropdown, once a category is selected, if it has sub-categories, new dropdown with all the sub-categories will be displayed. If there are items i...
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