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What a gem!

Posted on 17 June 2015
HD-Date is spot-on.
Ease of use
Using HD-Date plugin couldn't be easier:
1. Install it.
2. Enable it..
3. Select renderer.
4. Enter or where needed.
I can't imagine why anyone would need to contact support for help with this awesome plugin.
Brief and to the point. Tells you all you need to know.
Value for money
I used this to: Updating the copyright year.

J!Extranet is simply phenomenal!

Posted on 16 February 2015
* Comprehensive
* Highly secure, even without https
* Lightning-fast
* Fully responsive
* Very clean and polished
* Professional and elegant
Ease of use
J!Extranet is highly intuitive. Configuration is unbelievably straightforward, with setup to full deployment in less than 2 hours.
Support is superb! I inquired about preview functionality and received an updated version in less than 2 days. That's extraordinary support.
Thoroughly documented, with field-by-field, in-line fly-out bubbles that explain every configuration parameter.
Value for money
Excellent value! — one of the best investments I ever made. J!Extranet transforms any site to enterprise-class functionality, look and feel.
I used this to: If your Joomla! website requires a clean and secure repository/document exchange, there is none better extension than J!Extranet. Every extension publisher on JED should aspire to the high standards this developer epitomizes. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Arguably the best kept secret among HelpDesk extensions in Joomland!

Posted on 13 August 2014
As HelpDesk extensions go, Freestyle Support Portal is as good as they come, and, in my humble opinion, the very best in all of Joomland:

+ Comprehensive, yet uncomplicated, well documented, and very easy to setup and use — with fully integrated modules for every conceivable HelpDesk essential and more — Ticketed Support (including eMail trigger), KnowledgeBase, FAQs, Glossary, Announcements, and even Testimonials.

+ Modular design that allows me to disable any module I choose not to deploy.

+ Highly customizable in every respect, right down to a very sophisticated Ticket ID scheme.

+ Support for custom fields, Joomla! ACL, and multilingual sites.

+ Robust performance, with impressive page-load speeds.

+ Impeccably stable, clean code. Responsive, too — blends in cleanly and nicely with virtually any template.

+ Aggressively maintained, with frequent updates and enhancements.

+ Solid support, with excellent response times for issue resolution… I haven’t had a need to contact support since Joomla! v3.1, and when I once did for a minor rendering issue in the J!25 days, response was always prompt and resolute.

Freestyle Support Portal is, without question, the real deal, with every feature a HelpDesk application should have, and then some. It’s one of those extensions that makes you wish you could use it for everything else — Live Chat!, Billing, etc. It is that good. And at $29.99, it’s a bargain, easily beating out much higher-priced competitors that offer far less functionality. I can’t imagine using anything else. Highly recommended!

Excellent as in Perfect!

Posted on 15 April 2013
I discovered this little gem entirely by accident, and I couldn't be happier.

Perfect AJAX Popup Contact Form is the Joomla! forms extension that didn't forget that its #1 mission is to help its users quickly create forms and seamlessly collect information using those forms. It is truly PERFECT.

I can't believe I wasted the better part of 2 years on convoluted forms components that have become so complicated, they are virtually impossible to use without spending hours creating a single form.

In all of 28 minutes flat, I was able to pre-test my site (using a test module the developer provides), purchase, install and configure Perfect, and publish a functional pure AJAX contact form. Now, that's how a forms app should work.

Suddenly, creating forms is no longer a bewildering chore I have to dread. Unbelievable!

Great job! Keep it up!!!

The winner by a long shot!

Posted on 24 March 2013
I'm amazed at how remarkably well this gem works, and even more amazed that it is free.

I stumbled across JotCache entirely by accident, long after trying every imaginable performance enhancement extension you can think of, including those prepackaged with my favorite commercial templates. Some of them are so complicated, in fact, configuring them for deployment is like picking a lock. And not only was I never able to get any of them to show any noticeable improvement in browsing performance, they'd often scramble my page rendering or crash the site altogether.

JotCache is remarkably simple to deploy, and the results are outstanding. Every site I've installed it on feels like a completely different site. Granted I've only been using it for just under 48 hours, I haven't found a single thing not to like about it.

My thanks to Jot Components for generously making this gem available to the community.

The Ultimate ToolChest No Joomla! Site Should Be Without!

Posted on 29 April 2011
It is not uncommon for newbies like myself to pour so much energy in the visual aesthetics of the sites we build, often times at the expense of security holes that lurk in nooks and crannies we can’t see. Admin Tools Professional is, without question, the single best investment I’ve made to date in my relatively short time in Joomla!nd. Frankly, it deserves 10 stars, but that’s clearly way off the scale.

While no security protocol can stop a really determined attacker, Admin Tools Professional brilliantly mixes things up in vintage transparent lockdown, effectively shutting the door on every known Joomla! exploit. To a would-be attacker, the message is simple: “Not here. Go somewhere else.”

And that’s just the security component!

Admin Tools Professional also does all the heavy lifting on numerous tedious chores that tend to get put off until the last possible moment of inevitability, including 1-Click Joomla! core updates and Database maintenance. In fact, its functionality feature set was downright intimidating at first glance. But amazingly, it installs quickly and easily just like any Joomla! extension; and deployment is a snap, guided by first-rate documentation that seconds as a treasure trove of knowledge that might otherwise take a few lightyears to acquire.

Remarkably, and to my delight, sites that literally crawled at agonizingly slow page-load speeds have suddenly come to life, thanks to Admin Tools’ many understated optimization features.

How a single extension that does so much still manages to maintain an incredibly small footprint and zero performance overhead is simply beyond me. It is so light, in fact, it’s easy to forget it’s there. I can’t imagine not deploying it on every single personal or client’s site.

Now, there are extensions in JEDland that individually offer one functional subset or the other of the multitude of features, but none that I’m aware of provides the comprehensive reach and scope of Admin Tools Professional in a single, clean and highly integrated war chest.

From one newbie to another, this is truly exemplary software no Joomla! site should be without.. It is incredibly inexpensive protection for all the other investments and commitments you make in the work you do. In my view, it just wouldn’t make any sense not to spend a paltry $30 to protect far greater investment in various template and extension clubs to the tune of several hundred dollars and counting, not to speak of my time and sanity. Clearly, Admin Tools Professional is easily worth many times its subscription cost. And if voting my pocketbook also helps encourage continued development and emulation of its pedigree of excellence, so much the better.

Nicholas, you are the real deal! Thank you so much for your commitment to the Joomla! community.

A Pedigree of Excellence!

Posted on 29 April 2011
Nicholas accurately describes Admin Tools as “a true Swiss Army Knife for your site,” but even that is an understatement. Admin Tools offers basic protection for any Joomla! site, even in places you didn’t know you had vulnerabilities. It also does the heavy lifting on tedious chores that often get put off until the last possible moment of inevitability, including 1-Click Joomla! core updates and Database maintenance.

You will probably find other extensions in JEDland that offer various subsets of this multi-tool’s functionality and feature set, but none that I am aware of provides its reach and scope in a single, clean and integrated package for the nice price of free.

From one newbie to another, this is truly exemplary software no Joomla! site should be without. But for even greater protection, you would do well, as I did after testing it on a couple of personal sites, to step up to the Professional edition which does so much more. It’s incredibly inexpensive protection for all the other investments and commitments you make in the work you do.
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By Ionut Lupu
Site Access
Share information and selected files with your users - safely, securely, and inexpensively. Create a secure download area/joomla extranet/client area. Grant access to users by selecting the folders they are getting permissions for, and specific actions you want to allow on those folders. Main features of J!Extranet: Individual access rights to folders for each user. Each user can have differen...
VJ Org Chart
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VJ Org Chart

By VJ Tools
Education & Culture
VJ Org Chart: Show structures with nested elements in a hierarchical view - organizational charts (org charts). VJ Org Chart allows you to display hierarchical structures and org charts. TOP FEATURES Single or multiple top items possible You can completely customize the structure of the chart according to your needs. Two beautiful layouts Choose between two beautiful layouts to present your...
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