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Works great, perfect with one enhancement

Posted on 11 October 2014
Highly recommended for all sites using email address to authenticate users.

Great extension when combined with the developer's Authenticate - Email extension.

Would be perfect if the email field on the profile edit screen is read-only rather than completely hidden.

Great extension but a user's manual is badly needed.

Posted on 10 August 2011
This is a great extension that COULD trim hours off the time required to implement a Joomla! form. The feature list is extensive and should cover almost any need with little tweaking of the back-end code.

However, the lack of a user's guide and little built-in help results in a very steep learning curve. I spent hours in trail-and-error testing to get what I consider a simple form functioning as needed.

I give it a 4 rating only because I believe it is very good work. If there was a comprehensive user's guide I would rate this a 5+ and gladly purchase the 'no link' license for all of my sites.
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