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Posted on 08 October 2012
perfect match for my migration from 1.5 to 2.5

sunny regards


works perfect - for me as joomsocial extension

Posted on 21 March 2011
i had many issues with joomsocial integrated facebook connect and another guy pointed me to this extension.

just to say: install, configure : run perfect, also as joomsocial integration

This is just one of the real professional joomla extension. I would give it 6 stars !

Sunny regards

Kurt Steiner


Posted on 06 January 2011
usefull, nice, simple, bugfree.

I like it to use on my website - many thanks for this FREE Stuff, please goon with this good work!

Sunny regards from Germany


mid range product with very poor service for a commercial product

Posted on 25 June 2009
I was a customer for this company since may 2008.

as i bought neorecruit i though this was a good choice because i payed to get support in case of any issue.

I was wrong! It was a painfull year! the last issue was a critical error by applying for a job. I made a all way communication to this company and complaned as lot of other customers the bad service (they are not able to inform customers about a new software version or offer a working download area for customers and had to send new versions via mail - only if you find this information and kindly ask them!!!).

Raphael asked for Admin rights on my page - i granted it (because of a white page frontpage error) and get NOTHING

I asked severall times but no response.

Today i uninstalled this software and implemented a easy solution with mtree.

My sumption after a painfull year to be a customer - the software is a good solution, but not bug free and the Service is BULLSHIT.


if you want to use this software - give it a try. If you need support because you are not a developer - take a closer look to the forum and make your own impression.



Excellent !!!

Posted on 06 January 2009
I use the pro version on J 1.5 and it works fine just out of the box.

Everythink you will need to customize, you will find within the developers forum.

Very good job !!!

Sunny regards

Kurt Steiner


Posted on 21 April 2007
this is REAL candy to my site

found it

installed it

and i have not the right words to pronounce my impression

RESPECT thats real sweet! and i give it all stars.

a question to the developer:

1.) is it possible to activate this mambot to a section description?

2.) on my site the look is different between firefox 2.x and IE7

that rocks really

Posted on 23 December 2006
very cool to put you tube video in my content.

I like it !

Sunny regards

Kurt Steiner

THE MUST HAVE for every communty !!!

Posted on 23 December 2006
How could it be possible to build a community without the Community Builder? I really don't know !!!

From my point of view the first MUST HAVE after installing Joomla himself! Do you know sozial Network sites like / ? You can rebuild the same functionality´s with Joomla AND Community Builder like i Have done. You can create a Community Builder based Business Club with all these amazing features like the well known big players. Take Joomla and the Community Builder and you are able and free to build your dream of a living community site!

Sunny regards to the Joomlapolis community !!!

Kurt Steiner

One of my most wanted !!!

Posted on 22 December 2006
I have now an Invitation Solution in place,

which fits my requirements for a business site

Invite new members,

see the progress / status of invite

revoke delete or renew the invite

IMPORT contacts for invite from

America Online





Outlook Express


different files (csv, tsv/tab/txt/stxt/ldif/tsv/vcf)

Ranking for the most active ivite senders

It looks great (AJAX) and it WORKS fine with Communiy Builder

and it send invite links to the CB registration form !!!

I love this all-in-one "AJAX PlaxoInvite Plugin for CB"

Yes, Mike ask for 50$ and i payed the 39 Euro and it worth realy every penny/cent.

From my point of view a "must have" for a joomla/community builder based comunity site.

ups, dit anybody notice that I´m impressed?

so, take it and love it

happy sunny regards from GERMANY


One of my most wanted !!!

Posted on 22 December 2006

for my crowing community site it is my job to say hello to each new user entering the community, give him same starting informations and establish the first connection so that he can imagine this nice functionality.

I done this for hundreds of users. every day the same boring procedure (that i like because of growing business).

From now on, I have no longer to spend my time for this job!!!

You will love "CB AutoWelcome Plugin" for doing these boring but very important job for you. I swear :-)

It is also easy to install and to configure.

Nant, this was a great job.

Many thanks!!!

Sunny regards from Germany

Owner's reply: Glad you found this effort useful ... now if we can just find a way to force people to read what we send them during autowelcome instead of just rushing to spam forums and email boxes with questions that have been answered before ...
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