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Insert Article Link Problem

Posted on 20 May 2011

Excellent extension! Please keep developing.

I have problem. When insert or edit link, doesn't collapse categories except Uncategorized.

Good luck!

Great extention

Posted on 09 April 2011

This is great job. But.. It need "date limit".

Owner's reply: Can you post in the forum because I'm not sure what you mean by "date limit". Thanks!
Draughts Draughts


By Galaa
Board & Table Games
This extension helps to displaying International Draughts game: position and replay....
JExtBOX Article Auto Manager JExtBOX Article Auto Manager

JExtBOX Article Auto Manager

By Galaa
This extension helps to manage your articles easily such as archive, move to another category, change access level. The latest version 4.0.0 was completely rewritten and the new visual query builder was added. See the screenshot. It provides following article managing operations: - Archive - Unpublish - Publish - Move to Trash - Move to Another Category - Assign or remove the Featured status - C...
JExtBOX Google Analytics Tracker JExtBOX Google Analytics Tracker

JExtBOX Google Analytics Tracker

By Galaa
This plugin puts the Universal Analytics (analytics.js) or Google Analytics (ga.js) tracking code into your web site. Just install, then input your Web Property ID /UA-XXXX-Y/ and enable the plugin. Features: - Tracking Code selection (Universal Analytics or Google Analytics). - Track Administrator or not....
JExtBOX Equation JExtBOX Equation

JExtBOX Equation

By Galaa
Education & Culture
This plugin helps to display your math equations, diagrams and figures, and it supports equation numbering. Supported math formats: LaTeX and PSPicture....
JExtBOX Auto Paging JExtBOX Auto Paging
Paid download

JExtBOX Auto Paging

By Galaa
Articles styling
This plugin provides automated paging and page numbering with custom style. Features 1. Initial height of the pages 2. CSS style of the pages 3. Page numbering with custom style 4. Pagebreak function works in a client only 5. View mode selection (Paging or not in category or featured view) 6. Category and article selection (in article full view only) Rule The plugin divides an article into pages...
JExtBOX Article History JExtBOX Article History
Paid download

JExtBOX Article History

By Galaa
Articles Display
This module shows your articles in collapsed and animated expandable lists grouped by years and months. Features: 1. Category selection (multiple categories) 2. Year limit (custom limit or unlimited) 3. Collapsed and animated expandable list 4. Group by year and month or year only 5. Expand current year or current year and month 6. Length of title (0 for unlimited) 7. Order by created date (ascen...
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