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Extension is broken. NO support

Posted on 16 October 2012
The extension does not work. I get a Collation error when trying to use it after it was installed (with a fresh install of Joomla 2.5.7 and CB 1.8.1).

Repeated emails to the author were ignored as well as multiple forum posts. One post requesting help was actually deleted without explanation.

Documentation is virtually non-existent. Screenshots on author's website are useless as lightbox plugin is broken an only a small portion of the images are displayed. I even tried viewing them on two different PCs, on two networks and 4 different browsers but no luck.
Owner's reply: Customer sent his request by email and submitted several forum topics on the same issue, so duplicating threads have been deleted.
The original request in forum was answered on the next day Also the exact issue had been discussed earlier on forum with a solution given.
The error itself was caused by some incorrect action with a 3rd party extension: customer used Akeeba Admin Tools to set different collation to database tables before installing CB Profile Pro. During CB Profile Pro installation, newly created db tables were assigned to a default db collation, which naturally caused "Illegal mix of collations" error.

Dos not truly integrate into CB

Posted on 14 August 2012
Maybe as a stand alone product Jomwall might be cool but despite what is claimed it does NOT truly "integrate" into Community Builder.

All it does is give you a tab for your "Wall" and clicking on certain links breaks the user out of the CB tab system.

There is no way to integrate fields from CB into Jomwall and vice versa. Sorry, Jomwall but I don't want "Marital Status" as one of the visible items on my user's wall. I do want some of the fields I have added to CB but they cannot be "integrated".

If you're looking for a Wall for your CB platform save your money and keep looking. This is not is.
Owner's reply: Thanks for you review, by checking your other reviews you have done here in JED you dont like any of the great extension we developers have to offer???

JomWALL is great WALL System component and that is right it comes with cb plugin comment wall.

As for cb fields, we have added the options to get all cb field you create to be displayed on jomwall-cb and option to be hidden by the users. also option field that comes with jomwall can be hiding too.

JomWALL Team

version 2.0.. not sure when the devs were thinking...

Posted on 13 March 2012
I first started to build an e-commerce site with Virtuemart 1.9 and it was awesome! However, my client wanted to use Joomla 2.5 and so I was forced to use Virtuemart 2.0.2

I'm not sure what they were thinking but they really messed it up. They removed many of the best and useful features of the older version and simply broke many others.

It appears to me as if the rewrite was just and attempt to make it easier to sell commercial plugins. Otherwise, I have no idea why they wrecked such a beautiful offering.

OK for the free part. Be wary of paying for upgrade.

Posted on 13 May 2011
I liked this extension enough to pay for the "Advanced" upgrade. This is supposed to come with extra "support" and some more extensions.

What you really get are extensions that don't function as promised (GroupJive AutoJoin doesn't work) and quicker responses from the developers to tell you how wrong YOU are. That is, until you prove that their software has bugs and then they go silent. (Fresh install of latest Joomla 1.5 and CB 1.4, CB still reports a user database problem).

Stick with the free part of Community Builder and you'll be OK. Most of what the paid extensions do can be found elsewhere for free.
Owner's reply: Readers here (and the JED team) can easily review this review and compare it to the facts in daviator's threads mentioned in his review (urls below) to make their own opinion on statements in this review:

In particular it is visible on the threads that:

1) Support has been provided quickly, diligently, and timely,

2) a quick bug fixing solution has been provided in the first thread to the bug found by davidator on this new auto-join feature of GroupJive 2.3.

3) the report of database problem given by CB is correct, there is an error in daviator's database collation being different of joomla's connection collation.

4) The review items posted are not reviewing CB itself.

5) We do take support as well as mutual respect very seriously.

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All our Professional and Advanced forums are readable for everyone - so people can see the level of support for Advanced and Professional members by themselves:


Posted on 04 May 2011
I try to be fair and honest in my reviews and very few get the highest ratings. However, in this case I can only say good things about CB User Custom Menu.

I had all but abandoned CB for several reasons. One being the ugly and hard to modify profile menu. This extension offers far better looking alternatives! Besides, it's simple and easy to install, use and understand.

Thank you!

Great idea, missing expandability...

Posted on 26 April 2011
"Out of the box" this extension works well and the profile page is MUCH cleaner than Community Builder. However, it is very limited when you want to do things like add more tabs to the User Profile or creating a custom Registration/Login.

As mentioned, it does not come with a Login/Register component so you are stuck with the stock (limited) Joomla login. I tried using the CB Login for Registration but could not find a way to get the CB and ODude fields to "talk" to each other. I emailed the dev but have not heard back.

Also, documentation is literally non-existent and there isn't even a user-to-user forum, even when you pay for the added extensions. Heck, I'd be willing to write the docs if I could get some answers.

Powerful but...

Posted on 20 April 2011
I bit the bullet and spent the money on this extension but was disappointed from the start.

The software does not play well with templates not specifically made for or edited for JomSocial. I uploaded an Artisteer-created template and found that much of the alignment was off(buttons overlapping text boxes, text cut off, etc.)

BTW, the template worked beautifully with Community Builder.

The next thing I tried was adding photos. JomSocial said I uploaded 3 and even showed the thumbnail of the first one but that picture would not open saying no photos had been uploaded. The second picture would not open (or at least I gave up after 5 minutes of watching the opening gif spin.)

Also, for $100 U.S., why do I have to put up with a link back to their site from mine?

Could these problems all be worked out? No doubt. But for $100 (the cheapest version) I expected it to work a lot more smoothly. I bought this extension to save time, not to spend more of it to make it work like I want.

Error when creating menu for forum

Posted on 08 November 2010
I read the great reviews here but I was unable to even test it on my site as every time I tried to create a menu item for the forum it would lock up my Joomla with an HTML Parsing Error.

I can create menu items fine for other items.

So I tried to go on their forum and post my issued but each time I tried to log into their forum it looped me back around to their home page with no option to simply log in. This was not a good sign.
Owner's reply: Hi daviator,

I'm sorry you had a sub-par experience with Ninjaboard.

We work very hard to provide top notch support for free, and respond to every issue within 24hrs, and often within just minutes of issues being posted on our forums.

Had you persevered and managed to post on our forums, we would have been happy to help.

I'm sorry you had trouble logging in. Thousands of users log into our website every day, so I'm not sure why your experience was different, but we do recognise that our website is in need of an overhaul and have been working hard on a redesign.

Keep in mind we also have a contact form, which you could have used if the forum login failed.

Also, if all else fails, contact me directly [mark at ninjaforge dot com], and I will see to it that you get the support that you need.

Thanks for the feedback.
- Mark
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