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Brilliant extension

Posted on 18 October 2013
I have tried many custom field solutions, and this one is very good.

It calls the db just a few times, even with many fields, that is a must have in terms of site performance.

One thing that amazed me, is the fact that it just saves the fields that are filled and this saves on db space and improves performance!

The support is great, I had two qiestions, and the developer replied within minutes, that's what I call dedication.

Finally, having new types of fields will make this an even greater extension.

Maybe creating field groups and define in which category these should happear would be a good idea also.

Great and works wonderfully!

Posted on 14 March 2013
This solved a bunch of problems and no need to edit core files for the router in those cases where you would have to hardcode the destination of the login!

Also options for every user case (login, register, profile, change password). And the possibility to use the core, custom, Community Builder.

Thank you for all your work.

Great add-on, a must-have!

Posted on 17 April 2010
excelent plug-in, joomla should have this built-in, it now made my future joomla sites more flexible!

thank you very much!


Posted on 03 March 2010
excelent and brilliant, that's most of what I can say about this extension!

I have used other form extensions, but when developing another site, I couln't install my usual extension, and so I searched and found chrono forms, and man! after some trial and error, I find this is one of the most clever extensions ever!

its the developer + designer dream, it takes you html and generates the form, great one!

Congratulations to the developer and keep up the good work.


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