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Excellent Component

Posted on 31 July 2011
Wow! This makes it very easy to add a first-class FAQ section to your site. Works flawlessly! My only complaint (and I hesitate to even bring it up...) is that to change styling requires many edits to the css. In my case, I'm using a dark background with light text throughout the site. I had to edit a bunch of selectors to simply reverse the polarity, so to speak from the default styling. Again, I hesitate to bring this up but it's worth mentioning that moderate to advanced knowledge of css and having the Firebug extension installed in your browser are necessary to change the default appearance of the component.

One more thing...there is a feature for the user to ask a question. I can't figure out where these go and how this is configured.
Owner's reply: Hi rjjacob,

Thank you for your extended review.

We will add a second theme for dark templates in the next version (1.6)
Version 1.5 now features email notifications when a user submits a new faq.
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