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what to say ... ♥ !

Posted on 09 November 2016
great enhancements of Joomla editor funtionality.With different user profiles you can give the different user levels the tools they need.
Ease of use
A breeze to get up & running and if you step deeper into you will find a load of options to make it work exacly like you want/need!
A big forum which is read only for non-subsribers but is searchable and offers a lot of answers.
Well maintained documentation on the website - and great for beginners - a help button directly in the editor - sadly only in english.
Value for money
I used this to: nearly every Joomla! project i doing for the last 7 years

This little helper ...

Posted on 20 October 2014
is just another reason to stick with the Joomla CMS. Especially the functionality with "Fire-LESS" Client Side compiling makes working with LESS mcuh more easy, understandable! and just more fun!

Hope you haven't stopped development because the project is still considered as beta?!
Owner's reply: First, thank you (and of course all other reviewers) very much for the positive feedback.

Regarding Beta:
The plugin seems to run very stable - back when I published it I just did not wan't to release a stable version without broader testing. Therefore I will do a stable release with the next maintenance release.

Further Development:
I changed my development workflow a bit and compile all Less/Sass files locally and deploy them afterwards. I still use the plugin for some projects though. Depends on need and contributions to add new functionality.

Exactly ...

Posted on 17 January 2013
.. what I needed ... and what -in my opinion- should already been integrated in the Joomla Core.

Gives you all the classes you need to make a bootstrap-conform dropdown menu.

Nothing more - nothing less ... :)

Thanxx to the Developers
Owner's reply: Thank you very much!


Thanxx a lot !

Posted on 27 December 2011
Works like a Charm ...

easy install, well documented,

uses the original/standard Joomla! menu hierarchy

no need to argue!

No!Number rulez!

Posted on 25 October 2011
Not without reason extensions from Peter van Westen are one of the top-rated extension here.

Tabber works really fine - it is well thought and has a very "understandable" Documentation (for me). Perfect Support via eMail and simple Updates via NoNumer Extension manager.

But what i REALLY appreciate is, that you can try ALL NoNmber extensions FREE OF CHARGE without any limitations. And if you are satisfied just buy a license to support his great work ! Keep It on!
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