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Posted on 02 November 2012
Great module!

I find it superb and no conflict with gantry framework!

Just will be cool the possibility to display also thing vertically and display vendors logo/manufacturers!

Does not work.. no Docs.. No support?

Posted on 10 September 2012
This extension seems really cool seeking the demo. But also if install well, it does not work at all.

The vote function does not work (and i tried different templates, unpublish some plugins/modules) and also the search don't.

This probably comes from a conflict of these extension with joomla or other thing.

There's no documentation and no support...
Owner's reply: Of course we are offering support for all our extensions, even for the free ones like this. This one has paid support. As you noticed on our site there is a small fee of 10€ for a support subscription.

Especially in such cases, where it's not even a component issue and your issue was generated by a third party plugin, it's a pity that you considered to review us so negative without even really trying to get support from us.

As you see there are a lot of customers that had absolutely no issue with our component.

JD a great components.. that miss something

Posted on 09 July 2012
jdownloads is a good component. No doubt. Is easy to customize (css) and to use. Has a great number of functions, like support for AUP, Custom licenses text, User upload...

The main lack is that it actually miss RSS feeds that i hope will be included in new version. (so, please Arno add it)

Another problem for me was the upgrade from j1.5 version to 1.6+ (joomla). The backup function does not work as it should!

By the way, joomla download components are quite too simple. This is sure one of the best.. And can be sure the top with some new functions.. RSS...?

Great! This is the best joomla Subscriptions and P2Download component

Posted on 21 June 2012
I suggest to anyone who want a cheap, stable, nice looking and simple solution for your downloadable good businnes and not all! you can even use it for restricting access to section, kunena post, and other things only to paying member. Forgot difficult, non intuitive extensions. PDD has all you need to sell subscriptions, files and also single purchase payments. And also has a good (and improved now) affiliate system! Get it!

Virtuemart is not an "editor pick"

Posted on 03 May 2012
Since the new Virtuemart 2.x i must say that now virtuemart IS NOT a valid e.commerce cart. The team has just done a restyling, MCV, but there's a great lack of features! 1st, you can't sell downloadable goods! (don't loose time) and you should buy a plugin for 35EUR!!! 2nd, the so announced Multi-vendor feature is not already working and is not stable. 3rd, the backend is totally incomprensible and is not simple to manage 4) the software is full of bugs, things disappear, fields disapper.. this why the migrator does not works good.

I shall move to another solution. I don't want to spend money for features present in version 1.1.x! does not worth the money!! I'm one of the donators, i donated money for that project and now, the most important feature for me, downloadable files for sale, is commercial and has high cost!
Owner's reply: "has just done a restyling MCV".
It is not a restyling or you would be happy. It is a rewrite using the MVC pattern (not MCV, btw).
Second do not mix downloadable with files for sale. Vm2 is written by 3 people fulltime. We need to eat and to live. You get a software which is a lot worth for free. You wanna sell downloads, but you do not want to spent money for the people making it possible for you. This is greedy. But if people are intersted. Similar discusssion were already done here:

Really great

Posted on 21 March 2012
Really great and well designed. Tanks

A good comment system

Posted on 07 April 2011
Jcomments is a good comment system and is largely integrated by other components. Graphics are not at the best but is very nice the Ajax.

The only problem i had is on remository page.

Because all the publishers, admins and superadmins get problems on display. Hope this will fixed. Good component and free!

Good component

Posted on 23 September 2010
Remository is a good extension. It works well and do a good job. I prefer it from Docman or others..

Have an excellent SEO/SEF and works like a charm.

What i dont like is the Graphics (front and backend), and the support for 3rd party components..

yes is rigth that some integration are already in the code (Jomcomment support) but every update is a work. So should be better when he will support 3d party ext. (from backend not hacking the code) jcomments and others, alphauserpoints... And have a template manager, more fields, metadata via frontend upload...

The supreme Joomla Mp3 Player plug

Posted on 19 September 2010
I've purchased the plug for using it on kunena and joomla content and aslo for virtuemart descriptions.

Now with the excellent support of the developer that create a kunena 1.6 hack to auto-include the player is very powerful for audio communities using kunena as forum.

In virtuemart you can use the plug simply adding the tags and same thing in the content.

Sure, this is the definitive Joomla mp3 player!

Kunena Rock's

Posted on 03 September 2010
Are you searching for the BEST kunena Forum? Kunena 1.6 is the response!!

No other forum (tested) running on joomla are better than kunena 1.6.

Perfect management, looks better, works fine!

Simple to use and have a very big community for having a true support of any issues.

For now, once joomla 1.6 is not released as stable, K.16 have'nt the user groups access. But dont belive in other forum features such gruops... Kunena Rocks!


By Kunena Team
Kunena is the leading Joomla forum component. Downloaded more than 8M times in 9 years, Kunena is the only forum/discussion solution for Joomla that is community driven - true open source - public self-help forums, GitHub and documentation Wiki. The most recent stable release, recommended for production websites running J! 3.9 , is Kunena 5.1.17 Details about Kunena 5.1 are contained in the rele...
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