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A plugin that works on J1.5

Posted on 27 August 2014
I have been searching for a social sharing plugin that actually works on joomla 1.5.X., and this one did the trick. Simple and elegant implementation, does what it says out of the box.

It would be perfect if it also had the option to be excluded from certain articles/categories, as well as some more CSS options regarding its' position (left, center or right), but i'm not complaining, it's great even as it is. Thank you.

Nice module!

Posted on 13 March 2014
This module does what it says, it's easy to use and configure.

I use this module to display a chronicle / timeline on a historical website.

Had a minor bug which was corrected by the developer extremely fast. Well done!

Nice one!

Posted on 06 October 2013
This module has enabled me to promote content from 3 different categories, in 3 different ways, depending on the content's nature. It's dynamic, it's easy and it's very customizable, totally deserving high rating (4 stars due to some minor bugs).

Well done to the developers! :)

excellent indeed

Posted on 01 October 2013
5 stars are not enough for this module, as it is very capable and highly customizable. Once I got how it works, I used it to show "relevant articles" (according to their metadata keywords) as well as "other articles by the same author" which was equally powerful and very easy to configure. Eventually I replaced 2-3 other modules I used with DisplayNews, since it could do everything there were doing, and much much better.

Excellent module guys, keep up the good work.

Poor component with great potential

Posted on 01 October 2013
I started using OSE Credit with modest expectations and to some extent it responded to them. A few major or minor bugs here and there, but nothing that OSE instant Support could not solve. Then I started to thoroughly integrate and test the component to my clients' website (an online magazine), in which point I started getting more and more disappointed by OSE.

A few examples to make my point more clear:

1) The components' integration with the default Joomla vote plugin was not predicted or tested, and as a result one could evaluate an article without having read it. When I requested OSE's support on this, they told me I should pay them to have it fixed, as it was not a very common demand (thus, they weren't feeling that obligated to fix it).

2) I was trying to make some changes to the Credit Plans I had created and there weren't being saved. In that point they informed me that the features I was trying to configure, which are advertised as two of the many OSE Credit features, were actually experimental and would work in the future. Well it surely didn't give the impression of an incomplete function to me when I was purchasing the component, or when I was actually seeing them as two more sets of options in the credit plan's page.

Moreover, there is a lack of basic features, as an e-mail notification to the administrator for new orders, or the ability to see if a user has made an online (via paypal) or an offline (via bank transaction) order. And bugs, such as granting the credits a member has bought even after the order has been refunded.

In conclusion, OSE Credit has great potential and instant support, but "instant support" doesn't always mean that your problems are solved.

Right now, I still feel terrified with the idea there might be still a few bugs left that I haven't discovered during my thorough tests - a fear that shouldn't exist to that extent with the use of a commercial component.

So until its' great potential is reached, I wouldn't recommend it for a serious, commercial website.

PS: Components' Back-end administration is not that responsive. I couldn't really work on it with a screen smaller than 10 inches.

Very good plugin

Posted on 26 January 2011
ITPSocial Buttons was very easy to install and very easy to use. What differs it from the other relevant extensions is that you can use a number of different styles in the icons, which by the way are very nice. A very good work in general, which comes with very good support I have to add.
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