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Not what I was looking for

Posted on 23 April 2013
The component installs on a fresh joomla 3.0 instance without problems. Set up and configuration is minimal (at best) and doesn't take any time to get going.

Unfortunately the component doesn't offer much besides a glorified contact form. There absolutely no statistics or analysis of support tickets. No internal notes of any kind. No FAQ/self help sections at all. No ability to create tickets for clients from the front end. Actually there's no front end at all besides a support form. Back end access to support staff doesn't sound like a good idea to me, but I'm sure there's a market for that somewhere.

I can go on with the lack of features for a while but there's a couple of other points I want to touch on.

I'm personally not a fan on the inclusion of the entire bootstrap package included. It applies styling by default to certain joomla elements like the print/email buttons and white underlining on header tags and it's a problem when designing a layout since it creates additional conflicts you have to keep in mind. Also it includes jquery automatically so if you call JQ from your template you are going to have multiple instances on any part of the support component. The "include bootstrap" check box works for both bootstrap and jq so again you need to either include boostrap as part of the core site or dig through the component sourcecode to remove the additional jq calls. It's a hasstle to keep a clean environment with this extension.

Lastly I had the unfortunate need to contact customer support. When I ordered the extension I never received the e-mail with a download link. I contacted the developer and received no response. They finally got back to me when I opened a pay pal dispute.

If you intend to use this component on top of a generic rocket theme template for a hobby site maybe it's a good fit. If you need a helpdesk system with any actual production value I'd not recommend it.

Inadequate functionality awful front end presentation

Posted on 21 June 2012
My experience with the ohanah app 2 has been just disappointing.

In my opinion the base functionality is just not enough for a mid to large scale production website.


Especially the venue management and display. The component doesn't offer any sort of venue list view. Your only option is to display a module with the venues in a simple and plain list without any additional details.

If you wanted anything even close to displaying your venues you need to do quite a bit of heavy modifications and create custom views. In addition the SQL database has a what I would call "odd" structure thus making it quite difficult to pull information regarding a venue, since you need to connect to pretty much ALL the ohanah sql tables. (why is there an empty "images" column in the ohanah venue table??"

It has taken me quite a bit of development time to create a basic table that displays venue name | abbreviated description | venue image | and the number of events currently associated with this venue. It's worth mentioning you need to mod the source code if you want to add any custom fields to the venue such as listing the venue website, or phone number. Very important details that SHOULD NOT be clumped together in the description.


The events side of the component seems to work well enough. I didn't run into any major technical issues but again the presentation is just not what you would expect from an event component. Event fields are very limited so you are forced to clump all the essential information in the description field. While this is OK for a developer or an admin to do, it's just not good enough for a visitor, who may or may not realize that "hey I need to put the promoter's phone number in the description".

I have to pretty much re-design the entire event view. Most appalling aspect was the "event image" which by default is what looks like a 64px by 64px thumbnail and it has the same class as any other image in the component including the additional event images and venue images so it can't be fixed with a simple css addition. You have to go change the source files and add a new css class.

Haven't the developers ever wondered why pretty much all events have a giant graphical flyer and not a page of text in MLA format with cited sources?

It's the most important aspect of an event listing and ohnah just fails miserably at this.

There's a few other major design flaws in the front end display. For example clocking the get directions on the map module. It seems to work fine, it takes you to the google directions page and if you type in your address it will give you accurate direction however when you are taken to google maps it uses the longitude latitude attributes rather than the actual address.

As a developer this didn't make an impression to me because I get the part where the position is calculated to reference to the long/lat attributes but it became an apparent issue when 3 of the 5 UI testers reported that "directions are not working because it gives them some random numbers as the address". It really needs an option to change some of those setting, option of selecting weather to use long/lat or actual address? It's not a new invention is been part of eventlist since what 2003? or just turn off the directions button, again easy fix to add the parameters in the module.


I've also run into some bugs that add to my frustration. Support is there but it just takes forever to get anything resolved. The rep seems to check his support tickets once a day, send a rhetorical reply and wait until the same time next day to check support tickets again.

One of the bugs was that the image lightbox would not work on any venue that didn't have events added to it.

It took them 3 days just to acknowledge that there is a problem and another 2 to release a new version (not a batch a FULL new version)

Another minor issue is that the venue description module will not display unless the venue list module is enabled and VISIBLE on the page where the description is. How and more importantly why the 2 modules are related is beyond be!

None of the templates or themes there seem to work. I get one default view and that's it. Maybe related to the template I'm using (yoo quantum) but who know, I haven't had time to look into this problem yet.

It's nice that the component gives you an option to disable jquery, but it's unfortunate that it doesn't work. Disabling jquery makes the front end event submission non-functional, yet you can see jquery loaded in the source code, and all the other jquery functions like error checking or venue/event image lightbox working fine.

Which brings me to the next part. Every time you update you need to re install the entire component and overwrite every single file in the component including all the css and images. Template overwrites can only get you so far.

When you are forced to do so much source code modifications just to get the component in a barely functional state it's just not practical to have to overwrite everything whenever there's a new patch.

Option 1 - Never again take advantage of the updates for which I have paid for

Option 2 - Keep a textbook of every single change made to bring the component to a functional state and redo them after each update.

In conclusion this was a waste of money and time. After about a week of dabbling with this project and this component I'd have to revert to joomla 1.5 and use my heavily modified eventlist component.

This is my 8th event orientated website and I can guarantee you that this component will not make your website successful until they fix the user interface and component views.
Owner's reply: we really tried our best to solve your specific issues, but probably a bit more of patience and collaboration from your side would have been helpful for both.

anyway, as discussed via mail/ticket, even if we do not agree with the rating of your review, we accept your point of view and will take some of your points in consideration as suggestions for the future.

fortunately most users are not developers like you and will never have to deal with the particular requirements you had. therefore Ohanah will work for them 100% issues-free out of the box.

Did Not Like

Posted on 17 February 2012
I was fooled by the reviews before and bought this product.

The reason I bought this is in the hopes of a better downloadable products system than the new VM2.0.

This seems to achieve that, but the rest of the component is barely functional on joomla 2.5. The thing that bugs me the most is how painfully ugly the default theme is, somehow they managed to come up with something worst than the VM default.

The 1000+ templates they advertise are pretty much opencart themes and out of 47 that I tried (just counted my downloads)not ONE works out of the box. (not suprised since this is pretty much opencart in a joomla wrapper). This is a fresh joomla install with the default theme, so no room for 3rd party conflicts by the way.

Moving on I go for the last option of making my own theme, however that seems to be near impossible at a productive rate. Why? Because of silly mandatory caheing on part of opencart's vqmod plugin which CANNOT be disabled and the clean cache option doesn't seem to work. Short of perfectly coding your template then uploading it this is just a nightmare!

OK, forget the fact that the store will resemble Freddy Krueger after a bottle of whiskey.

Everything else needs at least a few extra clicks and page loads to get it done due to the lack of an apply button.

This has the WORST!!! and i mean the worst file manager system that I have to use every time I want to add any sort of image or downloadable product. It reminds me of java apps and IE 6 from 2001.

Then I came in contact with the checkout process and what the customer might have to deal with on the front end.

More clunky JS drop downs and cart functions, 7 step check out process, where you need to place your order, verify your order, verify all your address and account information in separate steps, place your order and complete your payment.

Customer gets an e-mail with the expected "hey thanks for the order here's your link to download your purchase" But when you click on it it doesn't take you to the download but the order page, with the only option in a drop down to either add the product to your cart again or return the product. WHY ON EARTH do I need to prompt a customer to add the same product AGAIN or return a digital photo? Upon closer look it turns out I need to do some quite heavy modding on the core files to fix this reticulated option.

For the customer to actually download the thing they purchased then need to go to their account and select downloads from there. Unless you are a developer or a return customer there's just no way a normal visitor can figure all the red tape without help. I can already see the endless support e-mails filled with confusion on how people can get their products.

If you chose to use this for selling of physical products it might work for you better, but I guarantee you will have issues with styling. If you need just a store, go with the full and FREE opencart. This doesn't take advantage of any of joomla's functions just puts opencart in a wrapper. If you want your store better integrated with joomla go with VirtueMart.
Owner's reply: Sadly reviews like this make it into JED.

It's factually wrong, doesn't reflect the level or majority of the component etc. and looking to your reviews for other extensions it still reflects unjustly on our component.

Shame on your for making reviews like this.

PS: You've added this review just 3 hours afer your purchase...

Not for this price tag

Posted on 25 March 2011
I'm a bit disappointed with this component. Before i get into more details I should mention that the invoicing part of the component is excellent. If you are looking to create *manual* invoices and e-mail them to customers or have customers view them on your web site this will do the job very well. But...

Many of the options like automatic invoicing, order processing and so on rely on the build in order forms and quote forms.

These forms are simply a NIGHTMARE!

They are hard to configure, and next to impossible to style. The drag and drop form builder creates everything in individual DIV tags making it impossible to line up things properly. Field positions in the builder and front end have next to no correlation to each other.

If (that's a big IF) you manage to create a functioning order form you have no styling options. There's no way to add a class to labels or input fields and instead you need to type in the CSS for EACH LABEL AND FIELD or if you want to use an external CSS you have to check your source code on the front end and note all the randomly generated ID tags.

This order form system is just not worth the time to deal with. It wouldn't be that big of a deal, but as I mention if you want to take advantage of some of the more advanced features you HAVE to use this system.

You can add an order manually from the back end however doing so won't generate any invoices, you have to manually generate them, and it won't keep track of any subscriptions. In the end if you don't use the order form you can't really use the component.

The statement "sell products and services online" by the author is simply misleading if not down right false. Using this component to sell a service or products is a sure way to drive your sales down.

Which customer want to fill out complicated online forms EVERY time they want to buy a product?
Owner's reply: I have reported this review, as it does NOT relate to nBill Lite, which is the product listed here. In case the moderators decide not to remove it, I will respond to the points raised:

"The drag and drop form builder creates everything in individual DIV tags making it impossible to line up things properly." - Individual DIV tags are the only way of allowing a drag-and-drop editor as drag-and-drop relies on absolute positioning. It is certainly not impossible to line things up properly, in fact, the snap-to-grid feature forces fields to line up. If your template seriously messes up the form, you can always use the table renderer instead (see below).

"Field positions in the builder and front end have next to no correlation to each other." The form is rendered in exactly the same way in the front-end as it is in the back end, so they correlate EXACTLY. The differences are caused by the styling rules in the template(s) used, and you may indeed have to adjust things to fit the rules imposed by your template. Using the table renderer (which is a page property) is an option which yields more consistent layout results across different templates if you get stuck, although that does impose some limitations on positioning.

"If (that's a big IF) you manage to create a functioning order form you have no styling options." Most people have functioning order forms, so not such a big IF. The styling options are unlimited, as you can use CSS.

"There's no way to add a class to labels or input fields and instead you need to type in the CSS for EACH LABEL AND FIELD or if you want to use an external CSS you have to check your source code on the front end and note all the randomly generated ID tags." That is not true - most elements output by nBill have classes and IDs or are within tags that have classes and IDs, so can be styled quite easily with CSS.

"You can add an order manually from the back end however doing so won't generate any invoices, you have to manually generate them, and it won't keep track of any subscriptions." This is another false statement. Manually created orders do generate invoices, and subscriptions are dealt with in exactly the same way whether the order was created manually or not.

"Which customer want to fill out complicated online forms EVERY time they want to buy a product?" From the end-user's perspective, the forms are as complicated as you make them. Some businesses are suited to using order forms, others are more suited to using a shopping cart. If you are trying to use nBill for something it was not designed to do, the fault is not with the software, you just need to pick the right tool for the job.

If you had requested support with the problems you encountered, rather than just leaving a bad review on a listing for a different product, it might have been possible to resolve the issues!

Poor Support

Posted on 17 January 2011
As being the top one on the list I gave this a try. It works well on articles but I needed to show comments the default joomla category list. No solution as provided in the support forum after almost a month.

Templating and layout is also a problem for me. The default template is simply awful, bulky icons that don't display well in dark background, boxy and poorly aligned elements and customization is a pain with messy CSS files and missing element class/ID tags.

Tried out a different component and was pleased to have comments display in my category view in less than 5 minutes with easy styling options.

good idea but not component friendly

Posted on 06 January 2011
The plug in is a great idea and works well on a clean joomla install. If you template background is dark you will have to replace the original thumbs up and down images because they have an ugly white outline on dark backgrounds. The problem is that this plug in stops working with certain other extensions. In my case JComments. it stopped working when I updated the default joomla article navigation as well. Over all it's not very stable, I hope it will be improved since it is really a very nice idea and provides a great functionality.


Posted on 04 January 2011
This plug in is excellent. I tried a couple of others and none of them worked well out of the box.

Tabber was ready to go in no time. Plug was even enabled after install by default. (nice little touch in my opinion.)

The editor button is quite useful too, saves time memorizing the syntax or having to copy paste it all the time.

The .CSS is easy to read and edit. Some elements I feel are a bit outdated as far as CSS formating goes but I suppose that is a personal preference.

It always makes me happy when I come across a well designed and functioning extension and this is one of the best in it's category.

Great job devs and thank you for sharing!


Posted on 15 December 2010
This maybe loaded with features but I find the entire project confusing. This has different ways to create forms and each one is more irritating to use than the next. It's hard to get the same result using easy mode or quick mode. This has to be the worst interface I have ever had to use, coding the forms from scratch is easier for me, at least that way there's a logical flow.
Owner's reply: Hi,

it is not intended to get the same results for each form mode. We state that clearly in the description:

- QuickMode: Regular users
- EasyMode: Designers
- ClassicMode: Programmers

If you don't like the results of Easy- and ClassicMode, the QuickMode will satisfy your needs. And when you read about the experiences of others here, you will see this is the most used one.

For people who find "easy" means being quick, then the QuickMode is _the_ way to create forms.


Not For Developers

Posted on 14 December 2010
At a 1st glance This editor seems to offer some nice features and a very friendly interface, but beneath the surface it destroys the source code and generates some odd things. For example infinite . I can see about 50+ of those tags inserted into my other ways very clean and neat code. Also it doesn't seem to like a background property at all and it feels it should replace it with background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: initial; text-align: center; background-position: 50% 50%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;

Seriously? Why no-repeat twice? Makes it useless in FF and IE, gracefully chrome ignores the stupidity of inserting no-repeat twice.

It gets 2 stars for a well designed layout and interface.


Posted on 06 December 2010
This component is ABSOLUTELY amazing!! I can't believe I haven't found it earlier. I truly hope this will be revised for joomla 1.6 as well, when that happens the world will be yours on a platter. Module control is an absolute breeze and the part I like best is no additional component menus or links, simply do everything right from the original joomla module manager!!
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