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Best music collection component, period.

Posted on 28 April 2013
I've used this component in two web projects so far and can't be more satisfied with both the product quality and support, both worth every penny.

This is a must for music communities, end users love the layout (great by default and customizable) and the possibility of interacting with social plugins and creating their own playlists.

The component is full of features, these are the ones I like the most:

- Great looking, customizable music collection layout and modules.

- HTML5 player, compatible with mobile devices.

- Not just songs in the album, but reviews, comments, videos, lyrics, chords and more!

- Advanced Statistics

- Integration with both Community Builder and Jomsocial

- Playlists, which users can save and share!

- Great support!!

Furthermore, you can contact the Chief Developer, Germinal Champs, to get any advanced/specific/unique modification you may need for your site (in a rare case that it's not already included out-of-the-box) via their Custom Service. I've done so and can't be happier with the speed, business alignment and results!

To sum up: a must for music communities, so great that by itself is a strong reason for choosing Joomla.

Long live Music Collection :)


Posted on 26 April 2013
This is THE component for contact forms, it works very well and is fully customisable and flexible (can be added as menu, module, etc). I've used it in two communities so far and expect to keep using it in the future. If you're looking for a forms component, I encourage you to evaluate and support Fox Contact.

Good extension, but...

Posted on 11 May 2011
...clicking on the CB Wall's buttons takes you away of the CB profile. That way it seems the users has two pages: one for CB, and another one for the wall.

The most user-friendly behavior should be to have the user's wall always inside the CB profile, and only the public wall to be outside.

Good support, good product, it just lacks of CB 100% compatibility and I can't use it :(

Excellent component!!!!!

Posted on 13 February 2011
I run a community for musicians, and use Auto Tweet NG Pro for posting new activities from articles, jreviews, kunena and community builder to Facebook and Twitter.

What can I say? this component has become the responsible for transforming my web in a living and interesting site.

More over, the support is excellent, just had a little issue and it was resolved within hours with a new release!

I totally recommend this component!!! it will take your community site to another level :)
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