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Amazing extension & outstanding support!

Posted on 27 February 2015
Very good, a lot of options, posibility of customizing. Obviously is not possible make an extension, that satisfy whole world.
Ease of use
Very easy (if we can talk about Ease in case of complex extensions)
Outstanding! Every one of my problems was solved very very quick
again...outstanding. With the extension comes pdf with all infos inside
Value for money
Worth every cent:) (and really cheap)
I used this to: for my real estate projects obviously..:)

Maybe good idea but...

Posted on 13 May 2013
This module doesnt work as in the description: the intro images are not shown. Anyway this module looks quiet exactly the same as the zaragoza news module, with the difference, in the Smart Latest News there is a link to "developer"....
Owner's reply: Hello,
Thanks for tour advice:

1. The intro images are not shown: we have fixed that bug. Thanks.

2. Anyway this module looks quiet exactly the same as the zaragoza news module: Yes, this module is based/forked the "Zaragoza News" module from Aixeena. Credits are in the code pages, as license requirements.

3. there is a link to "developer": that is true, and perfectly compatible with the GNU license.

Great Extension & Excelent Support

Posted on 05 February 2013
Im using Ohanah about 6 months now, and Im really happy with that. Managing over 3000 events and still growing without problems. All my questions get quick response from the developers, they really try to solve the problems and suggestions. The best of all, this extensions still improving. BEST!

Nice but...

Posted on 19 August 2011
Nice module, but a big problem is, it doesnt show properly some foreign letters in the sended messages, like a german, polish or spanish.
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