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Excellent Extension and Even Better Customer Service

Posted on 13 February 2014
My clients and I really love this menu. It is very simple to use and looks GREAT. I had an issue on a site, where I was getting unexpected results, and the developer was VERY fast and helpful with finding a solution. The issue ended up being with a different extension and he still had a fix for me. Can't say enough good things!
Owner's reply: Thank you for the review, it was pleasure to speak to you.

CSS is too complex

Posted on 14 May 2012
In an attempt to learn the product, I was overwhelmed by the number of css files and the complexity of how they work together. I was completely unable to make what should have been simple color and design changes.

The next day I asked for a refund based on their posted Refund Policy: "All purchases at are covered by our " 7 days No Questions Asked Refund Policy". Usage of our products for 7 days, will assure of our high quality Templates or Extensions and incase you are not convinced, you can ask for refund, which would be duly processed back for you, no questions asked."

I've submitted three refund requests WITHOUT REPLY, so I've had to submit the issue to PayPal for a refund.
Owner's reply: Dear atedder

Our css is managed by types of menu. With moo type, we have one css for moo type. With this way, when you choose one type, you can style via css file of that type. Also you can use firebug of firefox to debug css. It is a great tool

For anybody which want to refund, we refunded with full money as our promise. I checked log from paypal and see that we sent you money again.

We have live chat support, you can ask us any time. If you do not have an answer, you can request us from live chat.

Thanks for your review.

Fantastic product with even better support!

Posted on 02 February 2012
I've always used VirtueMart for my clients who needed an ecommerce solution, but NO MORE! AyelShop is so much more intuitive and much faster to get a fully functioning shop up and running than any other cart I've used.

The few questions I've had about the component have been VERY quickly addressed by the developer, who has gone above and beyond to ensure my shop was 100%, even when an issue turned out to be with my Joomla template and not with their own product.

I try to use as many non-commercial products as possible, to save my clients money, but when it comes to e-commerce, I will ONLY use AyelShop from here out! Their product is worth MUCH more than their selling price. (but don't tell them because I don't want them raising it)
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