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Simple and easygoing

Posted on 12 October 2011
Many membership extensions out there are complex and hard to work with, no Nice Memberships.

Noob-users should easily configure and manage memberships.

In the future i hope to see integration with Jomsocial and their profiltypes.

Great suppot

Posted on 03 April 2011
JV-extensions has stable products and great support. Niranjan is incredible fast answering issues in the forum, they also listen and implement new features asked by the users. They have a roadmap for 1.6 compatible extensions, so you can be sure that they will provide with new updates.

Go for it!

Great upcomer

Posted on 06 November 2010
There are some shopping carts to Joomla but there are few that I personally would use - due to bugs. Hikashop is the one that have been working best for me. Nicolas is giving incredible fast feedback in the forum and showing big interest to provide Joomla users with a great shopping cart.

The only flaw right now is that users (in some cases) has to click "Next" several times in order for cart to update with "shipping" and "payment method" information. Would call this a "half-bug".

Otherwise, thanks for a real good shopping cart.
Owner's reply: Thank you for your review.

Please note that, in the latest version that we released today, we modified the shipping code of the checkout workflow to remove the extra step induced by the way the system was made.

Works good and nice price

Posted on 01 October 2010
The GUI is easy to understand and the features are pretty enough. Installation and configuration are slick and neat. Waiting for module with tabs.

A must have

Posted on 30 June 2010
Sh404SEF is sooo great, if you seriously want to compete on Google with your website you must have SH404SEF. It would be good if you could have more settings for SEF tweaking in the Joomla core -but this is not the case. So, this leave you to have some SEF extension to build your SEF-URLs the way you like it, SH404SEF will help you with this.

SH404SEF is available to a reasonable price and you got great support from their forum.


Support for many third-party extensions, including Jomsocial, Virtuemart etc

Many settings


Can be hard to get started, there are many settings, it takes lots of trying and several sites to build the perfect SEF-URLs for your website.

Far the best photo extension

Posted on 30 June 2010
This extension is incredible!

There is non photo extension out there that can compete with Phoca. The guys at Phoca makes a great contribution to Joomla with their extensions (for free).

It would be nice to have to opportunity to exclude the "powered by" by paying or donating.

The gallery it self comes with tons of settings and different layout. Their support forum provides lots of help.

Sitemap - you will need it

Posted on 30 June 2010
I prefer Xmap before other sitemaps extensions due to is simplicity and easy configuration. I would to prefer some better and good looking settings opportunities. But it's free and I think there is no better sitemap extension out there.

There are also lots of extensions that has support for Xmap.


A must have editor

Posted on 30 June 2010
I install JCE to all my websites. The GUI is good looking and there are good support for ACL and control what your users should be able to perform. I bought the subscription for $ 30 and got access to several other plugins.

In the forthcoming release of JCE, 1.5.8 there will be an integrated updater and better support for multi-images. This will make JCE even better and help JCE be the number 1 for editors.

Best contact extension

Posted on 30 June 2010
Alfcontact provides a great way to publish contact forms on your website. The configuration is easy to setup but at the same time extensive.


Captcha (included support for recaptcha - colors)

Forms for several contacts

Support for SEF including SH404SEF

Best community extension out there

Posted on 29 June 2010
I think some people has a bit problem paying $ 149 for an extension, i had, but i never regret it. Jomsocial is real slick and pretty easy to configure. Support works fine and most of it works directly. Really recommend, if you gonna buy only one extension, buy Jomsocial.

Improvment areas are:

Color schemes for templates

New features should be better communicated with the community
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