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Best Available

Posted on 16 April 2012
I've been using this player on sites for over a year now. Have yet to find anything that comes close.

Simple and Perfect

Posted on 07 March 2012
This extension is absolutely perfect in its simplicity. Highly editable to match your website. If you can't figure something out, post in the forums and an admin will almost instantly resolve your issue.


Posted on 09 March 2011
I've used another like box for a couple different websites and decided to check this one out. Definitely the simplest yet.

Good Start

Posted on 09 February 2011
It's certainly a good start. My low grade is mainly for the description and documentation. The documentation is very poor and doesn't explain much anything beyond installing it. In the description the big highlight is using your own font files. How to do this is not explained what-so-ever. The developers response of "google it" in the reviews doesn't help in the least as it's not that general. There are resources to download sets of fonts to use, but even those have to be modify, write XML, and re-zip for uploading to work. Which, again, there's no instruction for.

The other thing not explained is that you can only use one font family and it takes over your default. I was hoping to upload 2-3 fonts and easily use them on specifically classes. If this is possible, then again, it's not explained.

Functionally, the component does indeed work great. The poor documentation and description are where the points are lost in my review.
Owner's reply: Hi,

I have spent all the freetime of year 2010 with overwriting extensions for Joomla! 1.6 and was asking for help regarding documentation, etc.

"Google it" was thought, you should find on Google how to make CSS fonts. It is a common issue, in fact not related to Phoca Font.

Regarding XML - you got my answer that you only copy the XML from current Phoca Font file and will change to your own (name, author, etc.)

Yes it is possible to use more fonts in different classes, see the demo: (3 different fonts)

So instead you will do the following:
- looking on Google to see how CSS fonts are working
- copying and changing the XML
- looking at Phoca Demo site to discover how to use different fonts in different classes

you spent your time with writing such review.

I am really overloaded with releasing free extensions. You can help the project if you will write documentation but not the way that you will review some extension because the documantation is not complete :-(

Mostly users find the way how to do it, but instead they will write how they did it (some documentation or guide), they will make negative review.

I really don't understand it.

Not sure, if I should repeat it, but I am really overloaded and if you want to help the project, write documentation instead of writing negative review.

Thank you for understanding.

"to be modify, write XML, and re-zip for uploading to work"

Is this some kind of humor, you really don't expect that I will spend my freetime (which I can spend with adding new features into the component) with writing documentation, how to:

- modify text (XML) files
- ZIP (Re-ZIP) files
- etc. :-(
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