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Most competitive directory extensions! Easy, Flexible, Full Packed Features!

Posted on 05 March 2016
It fulfilled my requirements without the need to install third party extensions or buy addons!
Ease of use
The usage of placeholder for fields, make it very flexible!
It use combination forms and fields, so it eliminates the need of template!
I was having a problem with modal popup for contact author feature. then I submit a ticket, and the next day they delivered an update!
Complete and easy to understand
Value for money
This is the most competitive directory extension, average price but it full featured, compared to others that need to buy addons
I used this to: I use this to create "architecture related" directories

Only a minor problem

Posted on 27 September 2010
I really don't understand if somebody rate this extension as a poor extension. Because I found that this component has a great potential, and comprehensive too! I tried it out, and only find a minor problem that the salary range can only be hidden in detailed view, it still visible on overview list (ex: on newest jobs list) but i solved it easily by giving a new salary range as "not specified - negotiable"

Some enhancements I would like to be implemented on next version :

- The ability to add multiple currencies

- Integration with Community Builder

- Integration with Private messaging systems
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By RSJoomla!
RSDirectory! is RSJoomla!'s solution for building a directory management system. With it, you can create and manage an unlimited number of categories and entries, set up custom entry addition forms for each category, define advanced filters and implement payments. Specs Compatible with Joomla! 3.x Support for GD + Freetype for thumbnail rendering and CAPTCHA fsockopen enabled for reCAPTCHA cUR...
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