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Installed But had Some Trouble

Posted on 02 July 2012
module installed ok but when activated it disabled view of all other modules in all possible positions

also i've tried variouse stream links none of theme worked

i hope devs can fix this soon

thank you again for the effort
Owner's reply: Hello,

thank you for using our shoutcast player module. Can you send some more information (streaming link, ...) to us:

Kind Regards,


great looking menu

Posted on 18 October 2011
this is a great looking menu that will surely make your website be much attractive & beautiful.

the missing star is for the limitation in the menu items you can have (currently you have only 10) & the menu aligned to the left & not to the center of the position.

any way this is gret module & worth getting.

thx for the developpers.
Owner's reply: We have upgraded the new version to fix that problem.
Thanks for your feedback.

great helkp for displaying documents

Posted on 11 October 2010
wow i must say great plugin it does exactly wht it says & very useful for displaying documents for a school or any other website.

thx for the devs for this great ext

cant figure out the problem yet its a great plugin

Posted on 10 October 2010
hello & one word to say EXCELLENT this plugin is really great but i had an issue when using the plugin with another plugin ( to be exact this one Content - FAQ Slider Plugin) i put the gallery in an article & the plugin sorts the articles in a manner to get them in slides but the problem is that the galleries loads the images of the last one in all the articles when viewed in the slides but work great when viewing the article individually

great protection

Posted on 19 September 2010
first review here,

thats an excelent ext for security in website specialy if you want to protect you site loggin

really a good one worth the money you spend on it.

thx again for the devs
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