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So Easy to Use

Posted on 15 March 2013
Create a simple table, add some fancy CSS if you wish, turn on the plugin and your done. Tried several other comparison tables and this one is great!

Great Extension

Posted on 09 January 2012
I use staging sites for many of the site I manage and this is a great tool. Especially appreciate the ability to Send an article directly to another site. Recently I have been rebranding many of my customers, if you have ever changed templates you know its a mess. Rather than upgrade templates I have been rebuilding the website, and migrating the data as I rebuild. This is an excellent tool for that task

Don't Freak out about the Hidden Link!

Posted on 28 December 2010
Everyone is freaking out about the hidden link. The button on the module to turn off the link-back is called "Show a friendly link?" If you want to remove the front-end link titled "Social Media Icons for Joomla!", set it to NO. Simple...

My suggestion to the author is rename the attribute because it is causing undue problems.
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