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The support isn't profesional

Posted on 04 December 2010
I had a look through all the joomla CCK's and found zoo to be the best. It's very flexible in terms of functionality and very elegant in design. Overall very impressed.

However from my personal experience the support is lacking. I've submitted created a couple of threads in the forum and commented on the documentation. My comments in the documentation are still awaiting moderation almost a month later. My two forum post weren't ever responded to. Even when i posted 3 follow ups to make my original post crystal clear. Honestly surprised and disappointed with the quality of support. Also I think the forum should be made public for SEO purposes. Also it's not a quality service that you should have to pay for IMO.

How to add your own font

Posted on 22 August 2010
I just spent an hour or two working out this component. I agree with the other posters that it really should be explained how to add your own fonts.

Here is a quick basic tutorial to save you those couple of hours:

1. Download the phoca font component,phoca font plugin, and phoca domestic manners font.

2. Install the component, and plugin.

3. Enable the plugin.

3. Install the phoca domestic manners through the phoca font component.

4. Download your desired font tff file, I used this site:

5. Make a .eot version of the .tff file, I used this site:

6. Go to the joomla folder /components/com_phocafont/fonts/ and copy your new tff & eot files into that folder.

7. Delete the Domestic_Manners.ttf and Domestic_Manners.eot and rename your new tff & eot to those Domestic_Manners.ttf & Domestic_Manners.eot respectively.

That's it. Hope it helps.
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