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Posted on 23 May 2011
I am a late user of this fantastic extension. It is an excellent contact form and provides tool for every possible imagination in a form. Well done!!

What a wonderful extension!!

Posted on 02 May 2011
This component is a boon for new users. If one could not find an appropriate component, can use available module instead. No problem in installation and setting modules on the main page. Only you need to publish the module on the created menu item. Thats it.

Wow effect

Posted on 18 December 2010
Intallation is very easy and no tweaking required. Just use the codes in articles and be amused.

Really good one to attract attention of your visitors.

Nice plugin

Posted on 23 August 2010
The plugin is good but it could be nice if added to the title on list view page.
Owner's reply: Thanx!
I have tried to add it to the title, but the titles are 'escaped', so instead of showing the GIF-image you see the name of the GIF-image.
May be someone has an idea how to solve that without a templete override??

Excellent job

Posted on 06 June 2010
I have installed and get it published on the website without any problem. Heaps of thanks for this wonderful work.

Well done

Posted on 06 June 2010
I installed it without any problem. Works well.
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