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Easy to use, excellent support

Posted on 14 April 2015
It's not overloaded, but all you need is there.
Ease of use
very ease to use. If you have droppics and dropfiles it's a cakewalk.
Very good, got an answer within a few hours.
You need no comprehensive documentation. Most of it is self-explaining.
Value for money
I used this to: Almost all my websites especially for the frontend.

Responsive menue works great

Posted on 24 September 2014
Congratulation for this easy to handle and clean menue. I had a few problems after installing the menue (jquery), but the support is excellent. Between a few hours (hey, it was in the middle of the night) the problem was solved.

I tried also other menues on my site but always I had problems with the responsive menue. Now this is past.

Many thanks for your great extension.

Best gallery for Joomla!

Posted on 02 April 2014
I tried a lot of galleries in the past. All galleries have their advantages and disadvantages. But about 6 months ago I tried droppics the first time and now it's my favorite gallery. If you are looking for an easy to handle gallery you don't need looking further, you've found the best gallery for Joomla.

Since the last update (1.4.2014) it's perfect. You have now also subcategories which makes it a lot clearer if you have many galleries.

Many thanks for this great product!!

Droppics would deserve at least 7 stars and is worth every penny and the support is also awesome.

Great component

Posted on 20 February 2014
I have used many file managers, but none is as easy to use as Dropfiles. Also my clients are extremely satisfied with it. Support is very helpful and fast.

Many thanks for this great component!
Owner's reply: Hi,

Thanks for your feedback regarding our file manager. We always build Joomla extension thinking about final user.

A next major version (2.0) will be available soon adding some amazing features (preview) and integration (online cloud storage) to manage files in a powerful way.

Best event extension I've ever used

Posted on 28 January 2013
Since I'm using Joomla I've tried a few event components. But this one is the best. It is easy to handle and looks great. I paid for it, because I needed technical support. The developer helped me immediately. Many thanks to Lyr!C for this excellent work!
Owner's reply: Thank you for the review! I am glad to have helped you. ;-)

Excellent extension, excellent support!

Posted on 31 August 2011
All what I can say is "perfect". RSForm pro is exactly what I need for my new J1.7 Website. I'm using also the submission list modul and at the beginning I had a few troubles with it. The support is just as perfect as the extension. Not waiting for days, mostly you get answers within a few hours.

I was searching and trying for a long time to find what I found.

Keep it up!

A very good extension and a very good support!

Posted on 09 June 2010
I tried a couple of form extension, but no one worked to my utmost satisfaction and the support was mostly bad. Then I installed MooProforms - this is my first Joomla extension I paid for - and I was really surprised, how fast I could make professional looking forms. And I'm sure I have not yet discovered the full potential.

After a few problems (every time my own mistake) the support was very, very quickly and very friendly. I give 10 stars - 5 for the extension and 5 for the support.
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