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Backwards accordion?

Posted on 14 June 2013
While this works, it doesn't work the way you would expect. Typically, accordion menus start folded and open as clicked on. Also sub-menu items are usually folded until you go to their applicable header. This one works in exactly the opposite way on my site. I've tried other accordion menus on this site and didn't have this problem. Also, the end user experience of registering for downloading this was destroyed by what has to be the worst CAPTCHA implementation I have ever experienced; it took 6 attempts to get past it. All in all, it's hard for me to give this a higher rating. Maybe it works, but since there is no demo to be found on the site, I can't tell if it's the code or just me.
Owner's reply: This is an implementation of the Dynamic Drive Accordion menu. It is exactly as is - we are replicating their functionality. Probably for it to make more sense you'll need to create two accordion menu modules - one would be open and one would be folder. It module has various javascript options which can be tweaked as necessary to achieve customisations of the functionality. Also, it would have a good idea to get in touch with us, before submitting a review here. I'm sure we'd have fixed the problem.

Re the Captcha, taken your views into consideration and updated the captcha to the Google ReCaptcha and did some improvements including a more clear error message.

Re the demo, we've also set up a demo of the menu on a Joomla 3 site.

It would be nice if you would contact us so that maybe we can ensure that the menu works well as required by people like you. It's one of our newer modules, teething problems are expected.

A superior Comments system, made better by the dev's committment

Posted on 30 May 2010
Being easy to install and having flexible options are not uncommon amongst JED entries, but the level of committment and support from the developer are what make this extension head and shoulders above the rest.

Many applications are well done but can become abandoned by busy devs whoa re volunteering their time and energies; this is definitey not the case here! I was in a bind and Serge immediately came to my rescue and figured out quickly what my issue was (and it was my own fault, of course). I can't thank him enough for his kindness.

The comments system is one of (if not *the*) best out there with flexible options and integrations with a large number of 3rd party applications out there. Well documented CSS classes allows for tight control of the look and feel, though out of the box it looks great.

I can't imagine using another comments system since installing on a production site, and look forward to whatever features come next!

Awesome little plugin, friendly developer

Posted on 30 November 2009
This is an excellent addition to any J! website and in particular to any site where user interactivity is encouraged. It installs quickly and works first time out. There's a great auto mode that will just insert the feedback link in all content articles without any hassle.

Two tips:

1. The field for the title of the autolink accepts html and is not stripped; you can use this like I did to make a graphical button rather than just a text link. (e.g. )

2. If you don't want the program to render the feedback links on the front page in autolink mode, you can alter line 41 in the program to remove the frontpage rendering.

But I wouldn't be surprised if the developer added this in as a feature at some point. I worked with him on a couple of bugs and he was extremely receptive to addressing any issues and trying to make the plugin work even better.

A really friendly guy, a great program and it's FREE! What more could you ask for, download it already!

Nice but insecure and can be hacked

Posted on 19 October 2009
This is a nice looking, easy to use simple cart and I was anxious to look at it for a project. Unfortunately, this component is based on simplecartjs and it is quite easy to change prices and such using Firefox and the Firebug plugin. While it may not seem like a big deal to the creators, it would require a number of reversals in accounting and either PayPal or Google Checkout - neither of which is a trivial affair. While the average customer may not know how to do this, the instructions are easily found on the web and therefore I wouldn't use it for any ecommerce project until this vulnerability was fixed. Pity, because it fits a niche that isn't filled by more complex products like VirtueMart.

If you're very lucky this might work..if u can install it!

Posted on 19 January 2007
Wow, I mean wow, what a disappointment. Based on the top billing and glowing reviews I truly expected a lot more; like a program that actually installed.

21 megs isn't a component, it's a stand alone program. And that's how this should have been packaged. Just like SMF and phpBB, this should have been packaged as a stand alone installation with a BRIDGE. I spent HOURS trying to get this thing to install following every thread I could read with no real results. And because the password on the demo site is not the one listed, I STILL have no idea what it even looks like.

To have a developer suggest that you "consult a professional to install" it (actually in one of the threads!) is counter intuitive - the largest demogrpahic of Joomla is people without extensive programming, PHOP and MySQL knowledge. Furthermore the target audience, non profits, are trying to do everything they can to AVOID such an extra expense. Many aspects, especially front end access, feel like 'hacks' instead of councious efforts to work in the Joomla framework.

I *am* a consultant and I've never had to give up on an install until CiviCRM. I hope they'll separate the app from the bridge and give each the attention they deserve because it seems like if you are lucky enough to get it to work, it's got an excellent feature set.

I'm moving onto trying others and keep hoping they'l work these things out. You shouldn't have to hack your config files and php.ini to get a real Joomla component to work.


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