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The Core Product is Good - BUYER BEWARE on the Commercial Extensions

Posted on 13 October 2011
I found JoomShopping about 2 months ago. Since then, I have used it in several small shopping sites, and have come across many small issues.

First of all, the core (free) component is fairly well put-together. For the most part, it works. There are some things that will be awkward, especially for US residents, like the taxes. Here are a few:

1. There is no way to link directly from the menu to a specific category - it requires a workaround of "External URL."

2. Same with linking to a particular product.

THOSE are Biggies, if you want to link to more than "Shop" or "All Products."

3. The taxes are set up primarily for VAT, which is great for Europeans. Not so much for the US. As far as I can tell,t here is no way to create state-specific (or city-specific) tax rules. AND it can be a bit confusing to try to figure out how it calculates the taxes.

4. The templates are all done in tables. Not ideal, but it's a quibble, I admit.

Here's the biggie, though...

So far, after purchasing several of his paid options (zoom template + import options), not a single one works.

In addition, I've sent multiple emails through the site without a single response, and yet, when I disputed the purchase with PayPal, he responded to them within 2 hours.

PayPal ruled in his favor (they have a policy about downloaded goods), but was kind enough to give me my money back as well, because I am an excellent client, and they believed my claim.

This is NOT something most people can look forward to.

In conclusion:

- Feel safe using what is offered for JoomShopping for free.

- Beware ANY of the commercial options, unless you have money to throw away.

- Keep the notes about restrictions above in mind.
Owner's reply: What you are writting is strange . .. we have thousands of clients which are using joomshopping and our components and moduls ..
and non of them had found a bug yet ...

Only a few without basic skills have problem but we can not teach people how Joomla is working .. why you just writting those text...

we offer installation service.. . you seams to be one guy which want all for free and free support .. after not got free support try to write those text ...

Sorry if you just not know basics .. then don`t use our shop. We are not able to give a free support for free ... we have thousands of users and we would not be able to create new features or improve the shop in case single users want free support.

For example we offer you to buy a day of installation service and if there is ANY Bug which was the reason for your problem we will refund this money for this day .. WE ARE SHURE ... the mistake is on our site .. We can garante that what you are writting about problems is only from not correct configuration of your webserver, or not correct installing because of less skills ...

Therefore we offer installing service with money back guarantee if there is a bug which caused your problems , because there is NO Bug.

Just what I needed!

Posted on 15 October 2010
I had a slider that conflicted with a bunch of other extensions in a site of mine, so I needed a replacement.

Image Slider was a happy find. It works, it's adjustable, if you know a bit of code and CSS, and does what I need.

Thank you for a fabulous extension.


I use it myself and recommend to my clients.

Posted on 17 June 2010
Not only does it work, I have found the team to be very supportive when an issue comes up as a result of my ignorance.

Because this is a complex and powerful extension, there IS a learning curve, and it is well worth it to learn, IMO.

I wouldn't use anyone else.
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