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Just perfect!

Posted on 04 July 2013
The plugin and the support are excellent! I can say, that the plugin is the first and ONLY ONE endless-scrolling plugin for Joomla. I strongly recommend it!!! Really, thank you!

This is the module, which you must have!!!

Posted on 27 October 2011
The module takes essential part for the success of one social community like JomSocial! I was looking for a long time for the solution 'add a friend' and I can say, that only this module makes it perfectly good! Thank you!
Friend Suggestions for JomSocial
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Friend Suggestions for JomSocial

By Space Robot 5
JomSocial Extensions
Display JomSocial friend suggestions just like Facebook does! Suggestions can be pulled from the database randomly or by matching a profile field with the currently logged-in user. If set to match a profile field, the module will search for other users with a matching profile field that are not yet friends with the currently logged-in user and display them like Facebook does (in a list that cycle...
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