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Improve my city - list on a map interface is fantastic!

Posted on 02 May 2013
Improve my city is an impressive extension with the ability to list an address, phone number, picture and more on an interactive Google map. The Improve my City engine can be modified to fit your mobile businesses, listing and auction sites, your organization-team events or you can use it to report issues in your city. This worked out of the box for me and so simple figure out! Brilliant. 6 stars!

HUGE time saver! VIRAL HITS!!

Posted on 09 April 2012
really this extension just paid for itself in the time saved in just the coding of the auto connection/register to facebook alone and too much of a chore to code by hand. thanks to the sourcecode team for the really insane amount of traffic and new users i am receiving due to the page/canvas and auto register... its truly a MIRACLE. i am denNISI and i approve this component! xx den

BEST plugin for Vkontakte and Facebook commentary

Posted on 21 December 2011
tried several other comment systems on here... possibly all of them and none was as simple and well explained as the soccomments extension! works on 1.73 and it explains with simple easy pictograms on the website - how to get your facebook and vkontakte app ids. you can even choose the dark facebook comment stream and in what order. thank you for your mastery and keeping it open source! xx denNISI

good GOD this is brilliant!

Posted on 20 December 2011
i was reluctant after a few trolls on here to download, but on 1.73 it works better than fantastic! hell, i think it works better than their website because it has just what i need RIGHT on the Ganalytics dash! wow, i am so happy about this extension because it is takes GOOGLE analytics, an already exceptional tool, and integrates it seamlessly into joomla. it was too simple to install - install, configure, put in your google acct access and add your profiles. add tracking code or use their plugin and then stats automatically appear for each or all of your sites on one site. thank you, GJ4 team, for your brilliance and generosity. most of all, thank you for your gift of open source. xx denNISI


BEST EDITOR for joomla 1.7

Posted on 14 December 2011
out of all the editors i have tried, the JCE editor is by far the best. as a matter of fact, many editors that i have tried lack BASIC needs of an editor except for JCE: MUST HAVE a way to block the image folder on your server, MUST HAVE a code editor not a crappy html window, must not SCREW up my code that is already in place and add random characters, MUST HAVE a nice looking editor with customization options and finally, MUST HAVE no conflicts with most components. JCE is it. out of the box, overly simple, nice looking, and WORKS... thank you JCE for your gem of open source. xx den

the best gallery for joomla 1.7 - review by denNISI

Posted on 28 October 2011
i want to personally commend the joomgallery team for the best extension for a gallery on joomla. integrates seamlessly into templates. the component is extremely light and offers way too many options and views... for free. here is a quick step by step guide:

1. install component using joomla's extension manager.

2. configure endless options and the directories for images next in the component's configuration.

3. link the gallery

4. create a category

5. upload an image

and bam. there it is... bitte sehr dream team!

good god... download this man!! a review by denNISI

Posted on 20 October 2011
this is my NEW favorite extension. absolutely incredible developing bypasses the login because a user creates a new ad on the front end with a separate email and password to edit ad. therefore kiddies, this DOES WORK with community builder 1.2 latest and i imagine ANY COMPONENT even if it uses login! it also works beautifully in joomla 1.7x!! oh and this free classified extension is quite possibly the best SIMPLE classified solution you have ever used - not to mention a simple and light component. i did have to turn off avatar sampling because my photos werent showing at first and animated gifs dont stay animated but i imagine this is doable with imagemagick. i just cant believe this. it is not to good to be true... its just really good! thank you and i will consider the commercial version if all remains well but free rocks too! xx den

PERFECT commenting system!

Posted on 20 October 2011
here are step by step instructions how to set up this plugin:

1. install or upgrade to 1.7 kunena if possible

2. create a new category for every category for joomla articles just for the comments. ex - i have the following categories design 1 art 2 music 3 net 4 site 5 for my articles. so to have comments for all my article categories, i created categories in kunena discuss and used the mapping feature in the discuss plugin parameter settings. i created design feedback 6 art feedback 7 music feedback 8 net feedback 9 and site feedback 10. my mapping field looks like this: 5,10;1,6;2,7;3,8;4,9

3. YOU MUST PUBLISH THE COMMENT FORUMS in kunena or you will get a -load- you do not have permission even if you are a superdooper user!

4. here is how to fill out the rest:

Limit Posts - enter how many posts you want to see.

how you want your posts to behave:

Post Order

Show on Front

Show on Blog

Show on Other Pages

Enable Quick Reply

Quick Reply Location

Allow Custom Topics allow users you choose to create custom topics

Create Topic on the day you created it or last post made

Topic Must Start Within set this to 12 months to get it to show up. you have to choose a long enough time that will include all the articles in it.

Topic is Closed After when topic closes

Close Time Counted from when you created or posted last within the time above.

Content in First

Topic Owner leave this blank to use the author or if you chose the NO CUSTOM post option, put a user to serve as a default id when creating new topics.

Category Mapping explained in step 2

Default Forum Category is a kunena forum category of you choice. put an id of that forum here if you want to put all your discussions that dont have a home in this category.

Allowed Content Categories there has to be a number in the above field for this one to work. YOU MUST ENTER 0 to allow all categories. if you leave this blank, you are not going to define any categories.

Denied Content Categories - excluded categories

Show Debug Information this information is useless keep it off.

Debug User IDs see above

you know you have to have comments on your articles. this works and is def compatible with the latest joomla 1.7 and kunena. thank you deeply for this extension. beautiful and free!

new FAVOURITE extension - bsmyjspace - review by denNISI

Posted on 14 October 2011
normally i dont express my undying love for a developer in my reviews - but bernard saulme is a GENIUS and words cannot express the gratitude i feel for this incredible piece of work. i now have a community that is able to create their own free webpage for FREE!! you need this extension. it is a one click install, xhtml valid, seamless with communities like CB with NO BLOAT! just a simply amazing extension. thank you bernard saulme - thank you for all your magic.

the gold extension - alphaplug AUP a review by denNISI

Posted on 14 October 2011
i named this the gold extension for a reason because this little bundle of files can give you the power to unleash a full point or monetary exchange system on your website! can you say cha-ching?! so i have tried alphaplug's alpha user points with a clean 1.63 and a clean install of 1.7 and 1.71 with the latest cb and kunena installed. i did have trouble installing the component part of this extension to my addon domain. my php was increased past limit, tried uploading using url and ftp to the addon domain, permissions checked, more than 6000 files allowed and many hack attempts... the SOLUTION? i was able to upload the component with an easy work around: for some reason you cannot upload this component to the website you are putting it on - you have to upload it to a website temp folder of another website and put in the complete url of that temp folder in the upload extension section of the joomla ext manager and download it to the website you want it. my steps - i wanted AUP on my addon domain so i just ftped the com_aup to my top tier domain (different website domain name), went into my addon domain joomla ext manager and uploaded with the (install from url).

DO NOT PASS THIS UP! this beauty is seamless with kunena (of course), jsoc and even CB! what can this do for your community? it gives you the power to create your own community currency or exchange system on your site. you can reward people for adding content to your website or encouraging others to so. however the brilliance of this extension really is in the development - the alphaplug developer(s) have got to be on top of their game to keep this compatible with three or major extensions at the SAME TIME! especially with the myriad of settings that cause problems in kunena for example. for one, you cannot use AUTO DETECT in kunena - alphaplug cannot get a dynamic out of an already dynamic url. you have to set all the kunena detections to your community component - ie cb or jomsocial from the dropdown instead of auto detect. but really, if you are smart you will do whatever you can to download this and harness its great power to make your community rich with rewards!! thank you alphaplug developers for this FREE gold extension!! xx den
Community Builder

Community Builder

By CB Team at
Community Builder (CB) is an extremely flexible and robust social networking solution for Joomla. CB has a huge user base, a long history and a great future. Social websites go far beyond Facebook look-alikes and CB has literally hundreds of built-in features and can be extended with extra (free or commercial) add-ons from the CB Team and other parties that will help you realize your very own -...


By compago TLC
Social Share
Facebook - Twitter - Google +1 all in one plugin for Joomla enable "Twitter button", "Google +1 button", Facebook "Like button", the Facebook "Share This button", the Facebook "Comment Box", the "LinkedIn button" and the "Pinterest button" on your published articles, with the following features: To choose the position (before, after or both the content) To choose counter or no-counter button sty...
BS Myjspace

BS Myjspace

By Bernard Saulmé
This component is made for you to give the ability to your users to create personal page. Your users will be able to create, edit, view and delete by themselves their personal page. BS MyJspace component This is the component to create personal pages. Key features Registered user can create a (or several) personal page(s) with a WYSIWYG page editor, name and rename page Upload images, medias fr...


By JoomGallery::ProjectTeam
JoomGallery is a gallery component completely integrated into Joomla!, with support for Joomla! 3.x. Features include, but are not limited to: Three image sizes: Thumbnails - Detail images - Original images (thumbnails and detail images are created automatically out of the original images) Fullscreen animated JavaScript boxes (Slimbox or Thickbox3), other possibilities of opening the detail or...
Tabs and Sliders

Tabs and Sliders

By Joomlashack
Article Elements
The Tabs and Sliders extension makes it really easy to show your Joomla content inside tabs or sliders. This extension has been developed with ease-of-use and styling flexibility in mind! It simply works! Using simple syntax you can easily organize your content inside articles. For example, you can organize your long product descriptions into tabs. Sliders Display your sliders using one of the...


By SocExt
Social Comments
The plugin lets you add comments to articles on the following social networks and extensions: *JComments *Disqus *Facebook *Vkontakte Features: Turn off the comments form are not required social network Specify the size of the form of comments Tab to sign the form of comments in their own way Specify number of comments to display The choice of color schemes (Facebook)...


By Kunena Team
Kunena is the leading Joomla forum component. Downloaded more than 8M times in 9 years, Kunena is the only forum/discussion solution for Joomla that is community driven - true open source - public self-help forums, GitHub and documentation Wiki. The most recent stable release, recommended for production websites running J! 3.9 , is Kunena 5.1.17 Details about Kunena 5.1 are contained in the rele...


By Greedbegone
Preachit is the #1 sermon manager for Joomla. Fusing simplicity, flexibility and a range of attractive templates it serves as an effective way to create and display multimedia for church ministry. We offer plenty of video tutorials on the website and all downloads are available on registration. Setup a new site, upgrade from other Preachit versions or migrate from Sermon Speaker and Joomla Bibl...
Kunena Discuss

Kunena Discuss

By Kunena Team
Kunena extensions
The Kunena Team is proud to release version 3.1.0 of our discussion plug-in for Kunena 4.0. The Kunena Discuss plug-in enables you to add comments functionality to your website. Users can comment on any section, category, or article just like any commenting system, but user comments and discussions are stored in your Kunena forum (though displayed on your articles). Now you can have all of your u...
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