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Works as promised and great support!

Posted on 07 August 2017
Fine, no problems. It is a very basic component, but it does what it says...
Ease of use
It's very easy to use, no settings and layout wise perfectly tweakable via CSS...
Excellent! The extension didn't work the way it was supposed to because of the template, so Daniel sent me two packages to fix it...
Value for money

Love this component!

Posted on 27 February 2014
First gallery I have come across that looks great. And apart from that also has lots of styling options. I use the latest version with the categories, love it!

But the thing that really makes it stand out is the support Sven gives, excellent!! A role model for other developers :-)


Posted on 21 December 2010
I love it when an extension is simple and just works without fuzz. It has plenty of styling options for the text and it saved me from doing a lot of work. Thanks for this one!



Posted on 08 September 2010
This was exactly what I needed, I love modules that work with existing stylesheets and simple settings. No fiddly stuff, it just works, thumbs up!

Fine component

Posted on 23 June 2010
Nice support, helping me live with all kinds of problems (related to me building the site on a temporary url, so licensing issues)..

The component self is fine, I haven't been able to test it to its full potential, cause the sites not ready. I have good hopes and if it goes haywire, I am sure the team of live support will help.

Fantastic plugin!

Posted on 22 February 2010
Does what it has to do which is keep joomla and mediawiki synchonised. I installed it after I tried other options, but this is the only one that works... (as mediawiki bridge)

finaly a good stats component for 1.5, but...

Posted on 07 July 2008
While I like the stats bit of it very much I was not pleased with 1. the frontend icon and 2. the google ads in the backend.

1. Even when the icon is hidden it still takes space (in IE, not in FF) and I don't have any in my design.

2. The google ads are projected in an iframe comming from codegravity. I think this is right on the edge of acceptable. The corporate clients I work with are not happy with google ads in their admin.

The professionalism I hope to show my clients is under pressure with these two points. I wish the developers would have given people a choice in these matters.

But as I havent found another good stats component I am almost forced to use this one.

Lovely, very usable

Posted on 23 January 2007
Yes, I do think this is a lovely plugin. I have only just installed it and worked through info to see how it works, but allready this seems like a sensible tool!
Event Gallery

Event Gallery

By Sven Bluege
Upload - Show Off - Sell Event Gallery is an easy to use gallery component for images from local web space, Flickr, Google Photos or Amazon S3 including a cart & checkout system. It supports adaptive, flexible and responsive layouts and provides a unique way of presenting images. If showing is not enough, try to enable the cart! Let users browse through your pictures and buy them. Event Gallery...


By Thomas Römer
The EasyImageCaption plugin for Joomla generates captions from article images’ title or alt attributes and displays them below (or above) the images. An optional data-copyright attribute can be used to display copyright or license information for the image next to the caption. How It Works EasyImageCaption works out-of-the-box. After installation through Joomla’s extension manager, you just...


By Tobias Gesellchen
Content Links
** TitleLink 3.6.1 is compatible with Joomla 3.2 ** TitleLink is a must have to link between Joomla! articles without using cryptic hyperlinks. TitleLink also minimizes the risk of breaking article links when changes are made to the target article. In contrast to other extensions TitleLink doesn't need the article ids to find your article - so you always get exactly the right links. It always dyna...
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