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One of the best support experience I ever had.

Posted on 07 April 2015
The Module does what It says. You can insert up to 7 Icons and style it as you whant. Realy powerfull but limited to 7 Icons. Not Responsive
Ease of use
The Backend is functional but for end-users to complicated. (Eg. manual Image Paths instead of Image Pickers)
One of the best support experience I ever had. Quick reply and great work. They extended the Module up to 20 Icons for me in a short time.
The Documentation is weak. But the Backend is something like self-explanatory. I had to find out some things myself or ask the support.
Value for money
The Module totally worth. Even the special coded extended version had a reasonable price.
I used this to: Service Navigation for an insurance-spcialized company.

Just Great!

Posted on 03 April 2013
I have a rented Webshop from Alltron. What won't connect with Joomla at all. So earlier I was just providing a Search-Box on my page. Then I've seen Bram's Tool and taught tat it may can doo the job. (Search in my rented shop and provide the results in the Joomla-Page) Unfortunately my shop creates a ugly datafeed without headers. So the component wasn't able to work with the feed at all.

Just a small E-Mail to Bram and he developed a custom parser and a Custom search-Module for my website and installed it. It had its price. But the result is outstanding and the support-reaction realy fast.

So before you delete this Component because it isn't working take contact to Bram he can handle it.


Posted on 30 January 2013
This smal plugin, witch still works with Joomla 2.5, makes it so easy to integrate Zendesk in Joomla! Thank you!

Just a great Software-Solution!

Posted on 06 May 2011
I'm using the comercial Pro Version of this component for a Fastfood-Delivery-Company. They're using this great peace of software for Publishing theyte menues on the Internet. But that's not all. The PDF-Feature in the Pro-Version generates over PhocaPDF High-Quality PDF-Files. They are so good, that they can be also be used in the Restaurant.

This Component saved me a lot of Programming time and The Client would save lot of thime in the Future. So its Just great work by Jan!

The only thin what can be better is the ordering of the Component. But I think that Jan would handle this soon.

Wow! Good work guys!

Posted on 22 October 2010
It was never so easy to create a fulli functional Website for iPhones and other mobile devices!

Just install the Plugin, SetUp your desired Modules and done! You have a working and nice-looking iPhone-Website!

And the best thing: It's for free. I'd like also to donate something to this genious project. Whrere can I do this?

Recomended to disable BotScout

Posted on 20 October 2010
I installed and configurated this plugin. After this I found out, that all forms aren't working anymore. When you submit them, it ends on a White Page.

After disabling the BotScout function, it worked like a charme. But i lost hours to find the mistake.

Must Have!

Posted on 08 July 2010
This Component is a must-have for every website based on Joomla!

The actual Version helps also preventig SPAM-Attacks over POST-Froms. Great Job!


Sidemaping was never so easy!

Posted on 08 July 2010
It was never so Easy to create Sitemaps for Google. Needs no Plugins for 3th-party-extensions.

Theres just a little wish: Please provide the possibility to start the crawling from the frontend.
Phoca Restaurant Menu Lite

Phoca Restaurant Menu Lite

By Jan Pavelka
Food & Beverage
Phoca Restaurant Menu is a Joomla! component. This component allows creating menu for restaurant, cafeteria, fast food, school canteen, buffet, bar, club, snack bar, wineroom, etc. Such menu can be displayed on a website, printed on a sheet of paper or emailed to customers. Menu output types: HTML - Tables (partially responsive) HTML - Bootstrap 2 (responsive) HTML - Bootstrap 3 (responsive) P...
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