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Now part of my standard installs!

Posted on 26 March 2014
This extension is now part of my standard installations. Simple to use, simple to install. All good!


Posted on 03 July 2013
Simple to use, takes 10 seconds to install, activate and get stats running!

Thanks for this product

Posted on 18 June 2012
I love Joomla, i love plugin.I was looking for seeting for read more, i checked eveywhere in Joomla. until i searched auto read more. and there are few plugin for auto read more, only this one is in English(I can read) and free.

Thanks you guys.


Posted on 06 April 2011
Perfect for joomla sef sites with lots of content that needs updating. Finding the right document in the content list when you only know the sef equivalent means you have to search a LOT. Activating this plugin gives you the Content ID and the search is over.

One thing: If you don't want everybody to see the "menu" for diabling/enabling sef, do NOT enable the plugin from the plugin list, but got into the Edit Plugin screen and select Yes, then save.

Great and Easy

Posted on 27 August 2007
An easy tool to use, creates good backups, but I didn't find a way to download them except thru FTP... But at least I had a complete backup of the site!

One thing that should/could be made better is the error handling that you have to disable in the Joomla Config, if not you might have to wait a long time before you understand that it broke somewhere because of a php error/warning.

Great tool, needs some HTML makeup though :-) but I can live without that because the backups are good.

Perfect, simply perfect!

Posted on 22 June 2007
Installation of version 4.2.0 (beta) is a breeze. But you'll see nothing happen if you don't patch some joomla files or your own...

You can either patch you joomla files by hand as is clearly indicated, OR you can use the provided patched (different download) files and overwrite the ones on your server. After that you simply have to select the kind of protection you want. Here a dropdown or similar would have been welcome, but nothing serious here.

Securing your website like this is a breeze! Thanks Walter!
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