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Not all That!

Posted on 04 April 2016
Ease of use
For what controls there are, it cannot be anything other than easy
This extension did not work for me. So I contacted Joomball to see if I could get any support and yes I got an answer. That was worth about
Value for money
I used this to: No, I don't use it!

Easy to use, perfect!

Posted on 23 March 2016
No frills gallery
Ease of use
So easy didn't need instructions.
Using the free version, had a small glitch, my fault not the product. Still got a swift reply which was helpful.
Is good but didn't need it.
Value for money

Does Everything.....

Posted on 18 August 2014
Does everything it says it does, plus superb service!

I have a unique/strange template and the the extension did not display as I wanted but, a quick email to support and over the next hour they held my hand and gently led me through with loads of patience until I achieved what I wanted. Brilliant service!

Awesome by name

Posted on 05 August 2014
And Awesome by nature! I registered, downloaded, installed and had it up and running in less than ten minutes. Realy nice program with lots of options and easy to configure.

Had a slight problem with my module position which was my fault, not the product. Asked for help and because it was my fault nothing to do with the product was charged a very reasonable $10 to sort it.

So twenty minutes after finding the extension I have it up and running perfect. Great service!
Owner's reply: Thank you very much for your review!

What Service!

Posted on 17 August 2012
Boughtit, downloaded it and installed it, all in inside of ten minutes. Great! I thought but it did not work! Immediately wrote to support asked for help, virtually instantly they replied, went into my site and made it work.

Reason it did not work first time was because I made a stupid error! Nothing to do with infyways but they very kindly sorted what was really my problem.

Thanks Guys.

A Bit Special

Posted on 06 January 2012
For me it's a bit special as a new startup specialist business with a range of one off unique products, this product is perfect just what I wanted, not to much CSS for a newbie. Very easy to install and to setup an online shop. It was working within 40 minutes of download and I am not a Joomla nor a website specialist.

I tried the free version first knowing full well that I would need a commercial version as I did not want my customers to have to creat a login before they could make a purchase. I was not to be dissapointed. The "Essential" version installed straight over the top of the free version without any alteration to my settings.

There is a wealth of Documentation if you have a problem and the forum seems very lively and responsive. I did have one small problem, you could descibe it as not seeing the wood for the trees! But, an email direct to Hilka with details to access the backend to the site and they sorted me within minutes.

Superb program and super friendly service as well!

Simple Perfection

Posted on 01 January 2012
10 minutes to get key from reCAPTCHA and 10 minutes to doawload and install Joo ReCaptcha. Works first time straight out the box. Simple perfection, thank you.

Super Service

Posted on 04 July 2011
Brought it, installed it and tried to make it do what I wanted. As usual for me it didn't work, but that don't matter because like all the other extensions I have had from Artetics, it took one quick email to support and they log in and sort it.

Only90 minutes from buying to them sorting! Superb service, very much appreciated.

ArtSexy Lightbox – Can I give it 6 Stars!

Posted on 24 January 2011
I tried 4 other extensions before I found this one and as a newcomer to Joomla and being a bit stupid, I was having problems getting it to do what I wanted. I did not use the forum but, instead decided to send an email to try and get support. Oh my! Artetics Support Team made me feel as if they had moved in to sit at my desk, their response was that quick! I was getting answers to questions within 30 minutes! Absolutely nothing has been to much trouble, their patience and helpfulness in explaining has been fantastic.

And of course the extension does everything I want and performs beautifully.

Excellent piece of kit!

Posted on 29 November 2010
As a very junior Joomla novice, I just have to praise the ease of use this product gave. When my lack of experience or knowledge let me down, Hazzaa and his merry men on the support forum soon put me on the straight and narrow! It's the first extension that I have ever purchased, but absolutely worth its cash.
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