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Knows what to fix.

Posted on 01 November 2012
I've tried a number of plugins that either mess up the backend or frontend in some way or another. This plugin seems to solve those issues I've had just perfectly without creating another issue altogether.


Posted on 12 September 2010
Installs without problems and has lots of configurations to customize. Thank you.


Posted on 05 September 2010
Had my site loading very slowly and thanks to this extension and a little tweaking of the options, not only has it drastically improved the speed - it kept my layouts and external components intact! Thank you so much!

Nicely done.

Posted on 24 August 2010
It's a nice module integrating Revolver Maps. However, I found a problem with the override script section of the module; hoping it would override the options displayed, on frontend it shows a cropped 3d globe and doesn't display what was in the override textbox. (perhaps this was geared more to 3d rather than 2d?)

If the override is to display the contents directly, then there's a problem with it. (I attempted to override using code that displays a 2D map)

but all in all, it's a great effort! Keep up the good work.
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