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Posted on 19 November 2013
Thank you for this plugin. It works perfect on joomla 3.2.

I had to add ro.js to plugin folder (for my language) and add a line 'ro': 'ro.js',

to hyphenator.js to avoid error message in browser.


Posted on 20 February 2012
Just Thank you for this plugin. I love Joomla and K2. Of course, I need JCE Editor because it makes my life easier. This plugin is all you need for advanced links in K2.

Good job!

Don't forget!

Install first JCE Editor 2.x, then in JCE Administration panel, click on Install Add-ons, to install the plugin.

Very nice

Posted on 26 July 2011
It's a very nice plugin. It works fine. You can put anywhere G+ button, just add {plusone} and the plugin do the rest. Thank you for this!

I love it!

Posted on 21 September 2010
Great plugin! Just activate it, name key as you want, insert HTML code, than go to article and put your key name:

{{your key}}

Thanks a lot for this plugin!
Owner's reply: Thank you for the review!

I take this chance to reassure everyone that JIncludes is not abandoned: bug reports and forum posts will receive quick reply and action, I'm here. I just don't have time to code new features, for the time being ;)



Posted on 31 July 2010
Best plugin ever! It does what it says! Easy to install. Easy to configure. I tryed to insert reCaptcha in joomla contact form and failed. Finaly I found this plugin and it resolved my problem.I registered at Joomla just so I could recommend this. Thank you, guys!
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