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Not working. Shows ... only

Posted on 13 March 2012
There a 6 posts on this Devs website concerning this issue that I am also having. First on on Nov 5, 2011 and as of today Mar 12, 2012, Dev has not responded to any.

Does not recognize any category or even all category's (Display all). Just shows "..."

I really hate to review (bad) Non-Commercial Devs, but if you are going to put your stuff out there, at least occasionally acknowledge your users issues.
Owner's reply: Hi theyinyanggroup, please let me know the issue with screen, so that it is help for me to fix the issue easily. i have updated the plugin, please find the new version (3.1) in the download link. i have tested this version in all latest browsers and many themes, also added more option to filter article from the database.

Nice Gallery

Posted on 13 October 2011
Nice looking photo gallery.

I was unable to use it because:

1) It does not play well with AllWebMenus. It floats behind. Bummer. My menu is dead center in the page.

Even on the Demo page, it floats behind the Facebook module on left.

2) Requires 24 images - No less No More. I only had 18. This is not a negative, just a limitation.

I will use it, but on a different website in the future that I design with a full screen gallery in mind.
Owner's reply: Our Team Will look about your both point and try to solve as fast as possible , thanks for your time to catch our eye on issues.
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